Bulletin météo du 7 avril 2015

One PlanetOne ocean & Pharmaton et We Are Water affrontent des vents forts de face dans le sud de l'Espagne. Ils ont dû tirer à la côte pour éviter la mer et les vents les plus forts. Le vent restera fort et la mer agitée tant qu'ils n'auront pas infléchi leur route vers le nord en doublant Denia. Renault Captur a fini par retrouver les vents de nord tant attendus qui leur permettent de faire route directe vers Gibraltar. Ils devraient avoir un vent de plus en plus adonnant à mesure qu'ils se dirigent vers la zone de basses pressions dans le sud-ouest du Portugal.
Spirit of Hungary continue de bénéficier d'alizés favorables qui devraient tourner à droite et leur permettre de progresser au bon plein vers le nord.

Meteo AVR. 7, 2015 07:01

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z TUESDAY (07-APR-2015)
1)    South of 20N, moderate NE/ENE trade winds extend south nearly to the Equator. While on the moderate to light side of the typical trade wind range, the breeze is consistent.
2)    North of 20N, trade winds generally back to N through to 30N.
3)    A ridge of high pressure light across the north Atlantic from 34MN/47W to 43N/31W to high pressure (1038mb) over Ireland.
4)    Low pressure (1008mb) locate just north of Madeira near 34N/17W. A strong Níly flow around the western periphery of the low pressure will extend south to 30N west of 17W. East of the low, winds will be very light and variable from the Canary Islands and northeast off the Moroccan coast.
5)    Fresh to strong Eíly winds will be blowing through the Gibraltar Strait and west across the western Approaches and the northern Gulf of Cadiz.
6)    Strong Levante Eíly winds are forecast to be blowing across the Alboran Sea and southwestern Med. Winds will be fresh NE from Almeria to Denia, although easing in the afternoon hours near the coast with thermal effects.
7)    Winds lighter NE across the Gulf of Valencia, easing in the afternoon. Light and variable close to Barcelona, but with afternoon sea breezes.

00Z WEDNESDAY (08-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1034mb) near 44N/35W with a ridge extending southwest to 37N/52W.
2)    Low pressure (1012mb) near 34N/14W. A fresh N/NNE flow between the high and low pressures south to 30N. NE trade winds south of 30N and west of 30W. Lighter Nílies east of 30W down to 20N, veering NE south of 20N.
3)    The low northeast of Madeira results in NW winds across Madeira and north of the Canary Islands. Circulation around the low will SW/S winds off the Moroccan coast.
4)    Strong Eílies through Gibraltar Strait and along the south coast of Portugal.
5)    High pressure building across northwest Europe and into the central Med supports a strong E/NE flow across the southwest Med and Alboran Sea.
6)    Lighter Eílies from Palma across to the Gulf of Valencia. Very light winds near Barcelona with a light afternoon SE sea breeze.

00Z THURSDAY (09-APR-2015)
1)    High pressure (1031mb) near 38N/35W.
2)    Low pressure (1016mb) near 37N/12W.
3)    High pressure supports moderate trade winds. All NE/ENE south of 23N.
4)    North of 23N, flow between the high pressure and low pressure comes into play. N/NNE winds from 35N to 30S between 30W and 15W. South of 30N, winds are NNE/NE west of 25W. East of 25W, circulation around the low become more important with Nílies across the Canary Islands.
5)    Circulation around the low has NW winds over Madeira back W/SW along the Moroccan coast and S into the Gulf of Cadiz.
6)    Strong Eílies across the Alboran Sea south of Spain and out the Gibraltar Strait. Seas very rough across these waters as well. Strong E/NE winds over the southwest Med as a high pressure ridge builds into
the central Med.
7)    SE winds across Palma/Ibiza into the Gulf of Valencia and southeast coast.
General Forecast along race route

*** TUESDAY (07-APR-2015) ***
* 10N to 15N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE 12-17
SEAS: 1-2m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 15N to 20N and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE tendingENE 12-17.
SEAS: 1-2m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* 28N to 34N and 32W to 22W *
WIND: NNE 15-20 gusting 20 tending N at 28W to NNW at 22W.
SEAS: 2-3m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with a chance of a few scattered showers.
* Gulf of Cadiz to Gibraltar Strait *
WIND: W/SW 5-15 except easing Síly near 35N. E 15-30 35N.  Within Gibraltar
Strait, E 15-25 gusting 35.
SEAS: 1-2m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.

* Alboran Sea *
WIND: Building E 15-25 over open water. Along the Spanish coast, wind
generally lighter and tending SE in the afternoon.
SEAS: 2-3m open waters, less near the coast.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* SW Mediterranean Sea *
WIND: E/NE 15-25.
SEAS: 2-3m
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.