Surface temperature and salinity levels of seawaters

Technical tracking sheet Surface temperature and salinity levels of seawaters BWR 2014-15,
Project IMOCA 60 One Planet, One Ocean - Pharmaton

Sensor installed  on board the One Planet, One Ocean – Pharmaton
Start of project: 31 December 2014
Duration: throughout the entire regatta

Data and units 


Automated and constant collection of data (every minute) using a sensor, and periodical transmission of data.


Sea Bird SBE37-SI MicroCAT (T: -5ºC/35ºC; Conductivity: 0-70mS/cm).

Data Utility

The data are transmitted via satellite with a slight time lag. This project allows access to information in areas where little data has previously been compiled, due to inaccessibility and remoteness from navigational routes. These data enable the calibration of remote sensors and adjustment of mathematical models. This information should improve our knowledge of the regulatory role of the oceans in relation to the climate and its changes. From these new records obtained during the BWR, we will be able to compare the current situation with that of 4 years ago during the previous BWR of 2010-2011, when this project was initiated. This information is of great scientific interest, both to deepen understanding of ocean dynamics and in terms of climatology and factors linked to climate change.  



Geolocalized data on temperature and salinity levels are recorded every minute. As the data is being received, it is analyzed by specialized scientists at the ICM-CSIC (Spanish National Research Council).

Progress reports on data

Progress reports will be available on the web at ICM – CSIC  Below is an example of a sample map-summary using data obtained during the BWR in 2010-11.

Data Analysis

The results and the data report on water masses will be available on the web at ICM-CSIC .

Scientific Management

Institut Ciències del Mar - Consejo Superior Investigaciones Científicas (ICM – CSIC, Institute of Marine Sciences - Spanish National Research Council)
Technology Collaborators: Sailing Technologies R+D Group and Tecnotalasa.

Additional  Information 

Poster of the project of the 2010-2011 edition of the BWR

cientific Article on the results of the 2010-2011 edition of the BWR: