Argo Beacons


of Temperature, Salinity levels and marine currents using the ARGO beacons deployed during the BWR 2014-2015, Project of all 60 IMOCA participants

Points of deployment of 8 ARGO beacons during navigation of the Atlantic Ocean

  •    LAT -15.0000 LON -33.6000   15/01/2015  Hugo Boss
  •    LAT  41.1600 LON   -7.3500   23/01/2015  GAES  Centros Auditivos
  •    LAT -33.0120 LON -30.2803   23/01/2015  One Planet, One Ocean / Pharmaton 
  •    LAT -35.1495 LON -23.1056   23/01/2015  We Are Water
  •    LAT -44.0700 LON    1.4290   23/01/2015  Neutrogena
  •    LAT -23.9865 LON -29.2638   23/01/2015  Spirit of Hungary
  •    LAT -35.7889 LON   -8.5568   23/01/2015  Renault Captur
  •    LAT -42.1833 LON  21.1033   25/01/2015  Cheminées Poujoulat

Data and units  

Temperature (ºC), Salinity of deep waters and marine currents  


Automated and periodical collection of data and transmission on-line. At deployment into the water, the ARGO beacons behave much like real mini-submarines. They remain floating for about 10 hours until they automatically submerge themselves up to 1,000 meters deep, from which point they are swept away by the current for about 8-10 days. They then descend up to 2,000 meters and gradually ascend towards the surface. The ascent takes about 6 hours, during which time the sensors continually collect data on temperature and salinity levels. Upon emerging, they transmit the data via satellite and plunge back down, repeating the cycle over a period of 5-7 years.


Argo Beacon ARVOR/PROVOR 2 of NKE Instrumentation / Argo Neck Coriolis 

Identification code and message 

WMO ID 6901691 - Save the oceans (each beacon has its own identification; this one corresponds to the GAES) 

Data Utility 

The data will allows us to gain a deeper understanding in the global study of the structure of water masses of the oceans. The data is provided to oceanographic forecasting systems, as well as to the scientific community specializing in oceanography and climatology.


Georeferenced data every 10 days. Example of a salinity and temperature profile, in function of the depth of the Argo beacon WMO ID 6901691, deployed by GAES.

On-line progress reports on data

Data and tracking of the beacons

Deployment location of the beacons during the BWR

Trajectory and location of the beacons with information on the profiles (Google Earth)

Interpretación de los datos

The results of the data report, based on the readings of the beacons, will be available on the web 

Data analysis

Project lead by JCOMMOP Observations Programmes Suport Centre, partnered with IOC-UNESCO and the OMW (World Meteorological Organization), and the GOOS program (Global Ocean Observing System).

Additional Information

Poster describing the project:

Animation Argo

Photos and videos  

Photos of the Argo project BWR 2014-15
Video of project Argo BWR 2014-15
Deployment and activation of the Argo beacon on board the Cheminées Poujoulat