Words of Wisdom from Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín

The best of what Anna Corbella and Gerard Marin have said during their Barcelona World Race 

News APR 1, 2015 11:47

Anna Corbella – 03/01/2015 – Crossing Gibraltar
“We don’t know exactly what but we have hit by six different things, probably wood. And  something got attached to the keel and we had to back up to take it off.
Gerard Marín – 08/01/2015 – Birthday leading
“I’m so happy. We are sailing at 20-22 knots, gusts of 25, this is the best way to turn 33”.
Anna Corbella – 12/01/2015 – Equator
“The celebration was important because it’s been difficult to get here. We’ve been sailing fast but we had a lot of problems and breakdowns as well. Now we have some upwind days, humdrum but nice to recover a bit , something we need”.
Anna Corbella – 21/01/2015 – Getting into the Roaring 40’s
“Now we are in the middle of a calm that is like May time rain for us so we can fix everything we broke yesterday… I don’t know what would we do without those time to fix things calms”.
Anna Corbella – 22/01/2015 – Red dawn in the southern ocean
“We are at the gates of Hell"
Anna Corbella – 29/01/2015 – Indian Ocean
“With a southern limit to avoid icebergs you have no way to escape the anticyclones. Without the AEZ we could round it from the south but we would take the risk of facing a huge ice berg; and we do not want to come across one of them."
Anna Corbella – 04/02/2015 – After the anticyclone
“We can not believe it but GAES Centros Auditivos is making some noise again: crunches, beats, squeaks… and we are happy because that means we are sailing fast. Finally the damn anticyclone let as go!”
Anna Corbella – 13/02/2015 – Global warming
“We are at 50ºS and the day has dawned with a spectacular sun, without a single cloud across the whole day and the sun is warming us up a lot. We can say we feel that climate change exists”.
Anna Corbella – 21/02/2015 – Neutrogena is back
“The key is to have no problems and hold our distance, to get out of the Pacific as close to them as possible and the Atlantic will decide the race. But we are not going to take make any gains from here here and I guess neither will theym unless one if  has a problem. Now its like a horse race and we are not going to do anything mad or push too hard. If they want to do it they will escape, that’s for sure. We are not going to push hard in a crazy way here in the Pacific”.
Anna Corbella – 2502/2015 – Approaching Cape Horn
“We look forward to get past Cape Horn because we’re tired of being down here. It’s really beautiful and emotional sailing trough the Big South but we are a bit tired and eager to get North and start sailing with a little bit in more human conditions than the ones we have been having down here”.
Anna Corbella – 25/02/2015 – 12 days quicker to Cape Horn than last edition with Dee Caffari
“12 days, seriously? Wow, great news! I’ve the sensation we’ve been sailing faster since the beginning. And we’ve been lucky with the weather but we still have 7.000 miles to go and anything can happen.
Gerard Marín – 25/02/2015 – After Cape Horn
“Going through Horn is the climax, it’s the beginning of the end. You feel like the worst has passed is, like Bernard said, a line. Now we have a tough week ahead but the emotional sensation is like everything should be easier from now on. Once you go trough Cape Horn you are heading home. You know every day you have less miles left getting to Barcelona and this is very motivating. We have a lot of upwind but now we are just delighted!
Anna Corbella – 04/03/2015 – Norht of the 40ºS
“This change of weather is such a morale boost for Gerard an myself. We have divided the climb to Barcelona into six stages. The first is tougher than we expected. After rounding Cape Horn your mind tricks you thinking you are on your way back, Barcelona seems closer. And yet it if it is true, the truth is we have a lot of miles ahead and anything  can happen.
Anna Corbella – 09/03/2015 – Passing their own track
“We continue chasing Neutrognea, trying to gain some miles while the days goes by. It is not going to be easy because in front of us we have Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz, two great skippers, on board a quicker boat… But who said we are can't do it?”
Anna Corbella – 13/03/2015 – Doldrums
“Now the race has became heavy, monotonous and boring. We do nothing. Today we’ve done nothing more than a few sail changes; we have 30 minutes of work and the rest is pretty boring. The time goes by so slowly and we have more and more keen to get to the finish”.
Anna Corbella – 19/03/2015 – Climbing the Atlantic
“Upwind, upwind and upwind… we have an horrible sea and live at angle. We sail between 55º and 60º of true wind and we need to keep it easy or the mast could go through the deck. With the fatigue of the boat we must slow down a bit in these conditions. Luckily this is the final stretch”.
Anna Corbella – 24/03/2015 – Knee injury
“I probably have a strained knee ligaments […] I will listen to the doctor: recover early to be able  jump and dance at the finish”.