Valuable conclusions for the Barcelona World Race skippers

Total satisfaction for the organisers and skippers of the Barcelona World Race, the double-handed, non-stop, round the world regatta. The technical sessions, set up to share the details of the third edition of the regatta with the teams, finished this afternoon, with a general consensus among the fifty in attendance, including teams and experts, that the Barcelona World Race 2014/15 will be a “tremendous” human and sporting adventure “packed with content”.

News OCT 17, 2014 20:07

“We've had some really useful meetings” said the Race Director Jacques Caräes. “The sailors are leaving here very happy and here at the organisation we're really satisfied. One of the most interesting sessions was on the Antarctic exclusion zone, including the presentation of the iceberg detection systems and also the briefing about the course and scientific projects”.

Not only technical details about the regatta were revealed, but also an incredible enthusiasm from the eight teams signed up and two pre-registered teams, who are looking forward, more than ever, to taking the start of the Barcelona World Race on the 31st of December 2014. They said:

Guillermo Altadill (Neutrogena): “I want to be at the start and the finish. In a regatta like this you know when you're setting off, but coming back.... It's a mechanical sport subject to a thousand breakages... José [Muñoz] and I have trained a lot and we've optimised and tested out our boat, and we'll be putting one hundred per cent into this. I've got experience on my side, having sailed a number of circumnavigations and having faced many of the situations we might come across out there before, but your CV is just a piece of paper”.

Pepe Ribes (Hugo Boss): “I'm going out there to win. Yes, I always try to do that, but sometimes you don't have the machine to let you win. In this edition we have one of the best boats, no one can deny that, and we've trained well. Alex [Thomson] is a great sailor and I've worked really hard to make it to a team going out to win. However, this regatta lasts for many days an all sorts of setbacks can come up. Whatever happens, my aim is to improve on the fourth place from the last edition and try to make it into the top two spots”.

Jean Le Cam (Cheminées Poujoulat): “We started sailing with the boat a few weeks ago. Every day we learn more about it and how to sail it. Above all the Barcelona World Race is a human adventure, two people who set off for three months in a reduced space, which is the yacht. It's an adventure that I am pleased to be sharing with Bernard [Stamm]”.

Nandor Fa (Spirit of Hungary): “I've returned to ocean sailing after the Vendée Globe 1996 because it was a race I couldn't finish, as I suffered a collision and had a number of technical issues. After that I had to focus on my family and business. However, I have always wanted to come back to finish off my career as a sailor. For a long time I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but for a couple of years now I've realised that this is the right time and I'm still in good physical and mental shape”.

Anna Corbella (GAES Centros Auditivos): “The project started long ago and we've put in a lot of preparation and we're very satisfied. We've tested the boat enough and we feel strong and hopeful. Although this isn't a new generation boat, it's very strong and can go very fast. Our style of sailing is to sail fast and at a rate, at high percentages the whole time”.

Aleix Gelabert (One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton): “We're really looking forward to our first round the world regatta. We're very hopeful and happy. Our strong points are consistency and our enthusiasm. We'll have to see what happens during the regatta. There are people here with a lot of experience, and we're here to learn and to finish the race. We have less experience, but maybe more enthusiasm. Sailing the Barcelona World Race is a dream come true”.

Jörg Riechers (YEP! Offshore Racing Team): “Unfortunately our preparation has been too short, because half way through we had to find another boat and a sponsor. We've just started sailing and in November we'll do more training. We'll be well-prepared for the start”.

Maciej “Magic” Marczewski (Polish Ocean Racing Team): “The most important thing in a round the world regatta is to start and finish. We're not new to the IMOCA class, and we'll give all we have to finish as high up as we can”.

Bruno Garcia: “Taking the start of the Barcelona World Race for the second time would be a success and a personal achievement and it would be even more special to be there with my brother Willy, who shares lots of the same hobbies and passions as me and with whom I have shared many miles of sailing. We know each other very well, but it's also true that this is a very big adventure... and because of that there's always a certain element of doubt when it comes to living with someone else on board! It's a magical challenge. It will be tremendous, both the good and the bad. With him things are always really intense”.

Robert Janecki (360º Sailing): “We still have to get a boat. We had one, but unfortunately it suffered damage during a cyclone in Mexico. We don't have much time now, but we're optimistic and we hope to be in Barcelona in December for the start. Both Adam [Skomski] and I have ocean sailing experience, not on an IMOCA 60, but on other boats, and we've spent a lot of time at sea. We need to learn the specifics of the IMOCA, but I think we have a good chance of getting a good result”.