The Gates of Enlightenment Are Open

Two hundred and sixty miles to the equator and there is a slow down in the air. Nothing very much just now but speeds among the top trio have definitely dropped slightly.

This Saturday evening Hugo Boss are 21 miles in front of Neutrogena who are ranked fourth on the standings. Cheminées Poujoulat are quickest and out to the east Renault Captur, Jorg Riechers and Sebastien Audigane, are slower at 12.3kts. They are still 185 miles east of the Hugo Boss’ track. 
And in eighth Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman on Spirit of Hungary are stepping out west tonight, having just gybed to take another hitch west. Unfortunately for them their rivals are all heading south and that means they are losing miles to them even if they are sailing as fast. 24 hours ago they were 147 miles behind We Are Water, now it is more like 170.

News JAN 10, 2015 21:11

For one, Guillermo Alatadill on Neotrogena has taken a few moments to really consider how lucky he is to be where he is, to cherish the moments today when there is a different kind of enjoyment to the big south: 

“Neutrogena is surfing the waves under a full moon in 23kts of wind. You can see the perfect silver waves. I have my headphones on and playing Bob Dylan ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’. I am thinking of nice things, how lucky I am to be doing this, of my family and friends, my children, and how the next days are going to be ahead of us, and of the ones just gone. I also think about what it will be like when we will be in the South, when you can no longer listen to music, and not think about your things. The only sounds are the oceans, the howling wind, the waves. And they claim all your attention. The only music you hear is the violins of the wind howling in the rig, the noise of the waves slapping the hull and the lion’s roar when the rudders move. While Dylan keeps singing in my ears I think this is enough of my thoughts, going over things in my head, what’s to come. Now what I have to find is the gateway to the Southern Hemisphere, and to make Neutrogena.”

Poignant and thought provoking….and Bruno Garcia today was also given to noticing the fearful symmetry that deals certain coincidences to these IMOCA races, sometimes good, sometimes bad. In this case, the weather and waves claiming the wind vane off We Are Water very close to where he lost President’s mast with Jean Le Cam four years ago:

"This morning I woke up, actually I had been awake. I did not sleep too much. And you know what I saw? In a twist of fate at the same latitude where we lost the mast of the President during the last edition, probably a few miles from where we passed this morning the wind vane has been blown to hell. Such are the Coincidences of life, this time it has been the wind vane and the last time was the whole mast is over, including the wind vane. It seems that the spirits of Cape Verde missed me this time but finally have understood me."