The best quotes from Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz

Guillermo Altadill has proven himself an exceptional writer and comunciator. Proof of this, his emails: with such detailed descriptions that bring you into their world, the Big South and the winds and waves, as well as the numbers and the angles. His remarks by videoconference were also always complete, explanatory and illustrative, as were those of José Muñoz. Unfortunately back on March 5 an accidental gybe damaged the antenna system and since then, to the finish, communications have been limited. These are their best quotes just before starting the third edition of the Barcelona World Race and during the race.

News MAR 30, 2015 11:04

Guillermo Altadill – 29/12/2014 Official press conference

“I was born in Barcelona and I learned how to sail here. Having a race like this at home means I just have to take part in it, to finish it and to do my best”.

Guillermo Altadill – 2/1/2015 Gibraltar Straits

“Approaching the Straits off Gibraltar the maritime traffic is going to add stress onboard. Yesterday we passed five metres from a supercargo. He did a very bad manoeuvre, later he apologized. I had to avoid the worst.”

Guillermo Altadill – 4/1/2015 Atlantic entrance

“If you have to suffer, you have to suffer from the beginning, there is no point taking any fresh food if you have to go onto a diet of freeze-dried food for the next two and half months”.

Guillermo Altadill – 15/1/2015 Regarding Hugo Boss abandon

“When a friend leaves, something dies in your soul. Alex and Pepe are our adversaries, we´ve fought with them and competed in the water, but we wanted this to continue up to the finish line. Because when an opponent leaves, this means there is one less of us that can help when things get tough”. 

Guillermo Altadill – 20/1/2015 Arrival to the Roaring Forties

“The boat moves very fast in the southern ocean –sometimes more than we would like – and darkness fills the sky. You can only feel, between the foam and the waves that sweep Neutrogena’s deck, the tiny electronic lights with numbers that change every second in front of your eyes. Those eyes that you could hardly keep opened when a wave hits your face even more strongly than the previous one, after a surf that you know when it starts but never know when it will end. If you make any mistake, everything ends up in a disaster. There’s no place for little mistakes. It is like driving blindfolded at 70kmph knowing that if you come out of an unprotected narrow road you could end up without a car and, possibly, you could get hurt as well”.

Guillermo Altadill – 22/1/2015 When he finds a matches box

“I think about how good it would feel to sit next to a fireplace, watching the flames and listening to the firewood cracking. Then I start to light matches, one by one and smell the aroma of the wood burning. I’m holding them with my wet hands and keep on burning them in pairs, even three at a time, but can’t feel the flame burning my numb fingers. The smell reminds me of a chimney. We have a small variety of smells on Neutrogena, we can smell cold, salt, sea and… I’m not too sure about what’s the smell inside! I stay there hypnotised watching such a simple thing for a while, inhaling the smell of fire, until a wave accelerates the boat to 26 knots, Neutrogena buries into it and everything changes!!! The game is over, I ran out of matches and will also have to wait a couple of months for the chimney, so I start trimming again”.

Guillermo Altadill – 31/1/2015 Tropical cyclone

“The aim is to get out of the other side of this low pressure in one piece, us and the boat. We are entering survival mode”.

Guillermo Altadill – 11/2/2015 Announcing the pit stop in New Zealand

“The last few days the engine which turns the alternator to charge the batteries has not been working well. This morning we tried to charge the batteries with the engine and the system would not work. This happens in a marathon race like this one. It is part of the game, one of the things you have to face up to."

Guillermo Altadill – 14/2/2015 Back to the race

“I will not worry, I don’t want to look at the reports of the other boats. I know Cheminées Poujoulat is quite far in front. The boats behind were 1200 miles behind and probably they will be ahead of us, we don't know I don’t want to know. For the next week I will not check any position reports. I will just concentrate on our boat”.

Guillermo Altadill – 19/2/2015 In the middle of the Pacific

“We receive emails from the family and the team sends us a recap of what is happening in the world, politics, society, sports. But here our world is limited to the boat, the sails, the numbers in the electronics, the wind changes, the meteo files… We never stop, so we don’t have time to realize that we are isolated from what’s happening in the world”.

José Muñoz – 23/2/2015 In Chilean waters

“We are in the middle of the ocean, very close to my country and I'm very happy.  Now we are waiting to pass the mythical Cape Horn, the most southern and inhospitable Cape, We are experiencing something mythical. You can't just sail round it as many times as you want. Obviously, I tried sometimes to round it and I haven’t always achieved that due to the weather conditions at this southern cape”. 

José Muñoz – 27/2/2015 Cape Horn approach

“Behind us there’s a boat quite close. We are trying to bring Neutrogena to her cent per cent and she is suffering a bit”.

José Muñoz – 28/2/2015 Cape Horn

“Felipe Cubillos motivated me, helped me and encouraged me to fulfill the dream of being able to put a Chilean entry into international races, and now as the only South American in the Barcelona World Race, I feel the responsibility and motivation to encourage more people from my country to enjoy offshore sailing."

Guillermo Altadill – 28/2/2015 Cape Horn

“Cape Horn represents the history of ocean sailing, but we had no celebrations on board. We were sailing with a lot of sail, we had to gybe several times in the middle of the night with big waves. We had an accidental gybe, a wave hit the boat…”.

Guillermo Altadill – 24/3/2015 Announcing technical communication problems

"In order to remain in the game we had to continue without being able to download weather or get the other boat’s positions. It is frustrating but there is no other option. Whilst we conserve energy we are focusing all our attention on sailing Neutrogena 100% efficiently”.