Oceanographic research ship Tara opens up to the public in Barcelona

The chance to see what an oceanographic research ship looks like inside and to find out what everyday life is like on board during an expedition to the Antarctic. That's what's on offer this weekend on board the legendary scientific schooner Tara, which will be moored at the city's Moll de la Fusta from tomorrow (Friday) until Sunday. The ship will be open to the public in collaboration with Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB) and as part of the run-up to the II International Ocean Research Conference in November. The visit, which is free and takes place in the afternoon (3pm to 7pm), will also tell visitors more about the current state of the world's oceans and the need to protect them.

News OCT 23, 2014 17:45

The ship has been used for oceanographic missions for ten years. It has been involved in investigating the effects of global warming in the Arctic and the state of plankton across the planet. The ship's current project is a study of contamination from plastics in the Mediterranean Sea. “It's more worrying than we had thought. We have cast nets 360 times, trawling them for just two kilometres. Always, in every case, we've collected plastics”, explains the Secretary General of the Tara Expeditions Foundation, Romain Troublé, who insists on the need to understand the effects of this problem.

The Tara visit to Barcelona is one of the activities programmed in the run-up to the II International Ocean Research Conference to be held under the slogan “One Planet, One Ocean” and taking place from the 17th to the 21st of November in Barcelona, organised in conjunction with the UNESCO-IOC and the Fundació Navegació Oceànica Barcelona, organisers of the Barcelona World Race. This round the world regatta is promoting the continued efforts of scientists in raising awareness of the need to protect the world's oceans and for a sustainable management of the ocean and its resources.

With over 600 scientists from all of the world taking part, the conference will also include a schedule of activities for the general public. At the Moll de la Fusta there will be visits to a number of research ships, the Maritime Museum will be a key venue for films and conferences and the Blau Museum will host a talk by sailor Cali Sanmartí.