Weather Forecast 19/04/2015

Spirit of Hungary is running out of W’ly component wind that have pushed them along the Spanish coast today. Winds will trend much lighter now on the route ahead of them. The best chances for usable breeze will be relatively close to the Spanish coast where overnight land breezes and daytime sea breeze will produce patchy and light winds.

Meteo APR 19, 2015 06:51

*** SYNOPSIS ***

00Z SUNDAY (19-APR-2015)

1) High pressure (1022mb) near 35N/16W with a ridge extending northeast 

across southern Portugal and into central Spain. A second ridge will 

extend east across northern Morocco and into northwest Algeria. 

2) Low pressure (1011mb) will be over the Bay of Biscay with a trough 

extending south over eastern Spain. 

3) Moderate to fresh W’lies will blow out of the Gibraltar Strait and 

into the western Alboran Sea. W/SW winds will continue moderate south 

of Spain and into the Southwestern Med. 

4) SW’lies wrap around the eastern side of Spain. Light along the coast 

overnight due to land breezes. Accelerated flow at the coast in the 

afternoon due to sea breezes.


00Z MONDAY (20-APR-2015)

1) High pressure (1029mb) near the Azores extends a ridge east to 

southern Portugal. 

2) A weak low pressure (1015mb) over Sardinia. 

3) A trough of low pressure from northwest of Spain across the country to 

near the northwest coast of Algeria.

4) Light and variable conditions south of Spain with local drainage wind 

dominating along the coast at night. In daytime, coastal sea breezes 


5) Over the Gulf of Valencia and Balearic Sea, light to moderate S/SE 

flow gradually eases, replace by light sea breezes.


00Z TUESDAY (21-APR-2015)

1) Weak high pressure (1024mb) over eastern Spain. Meanwhile, a thermal 

low pressure (1016mb) over western Spain and Portugal. 

2) Building Levante winds south of Spain, while light NE winds blow 

across Palma and the Gulf of Valencia. Lighter conditions off 

Barcelona. Sea breezes along the coast in the afternoon.



General Forecast along race route


*** SUNDAY (19-APR-2015) ***

* SW Med *

WIND: Light and variable at first except for easing W’ly winds over western 

sections in the morning. Late morning through afternoon, SE/S sea breezes 

will develop along the Spanish coast 5-15, easing toward evening.

SEAS: Less than 1m.

WEATHER: Some scattered low clouds, otherwise mainly sunny. Some afternoon 

coastal showers are possible.

* Gulf of Valencia and Balearic Sea *

WIND: W/NW in the morning 10-15. Becomingin light and variable mid-day, 

then tending SE 10-15 in the afternoon.

SEAS: Less than 1m.

WEATHER: Mainly sunny.