Weather Forecast 14/04/2015

Renault Captur encountered strong E’lies as expected, but the force of the wind was considerably more than forecast. They finally found a little relieve by crossing over to the Algerian side, where a trough kept things a bit lighter. It seems the worst is now behind them, though it will still be an upwind sail to the finish.

Spirit of Hungary has favorable wind speeds, angle, and sea state for a relatively quick sail northeast toward Gibraltar. There will still be an area of more unstable winds they will need to cross in the next day or so before reaching Gibraltar.

Meteo APR 14, 2015 07:25

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z TUESDAY (14-APR-2015)
1)    Low pressure (1016mb) northeast of Madeira near 35N/14W. A cold front
extends from the low south to Lanzarote southwest to 24N/23W to
24N/35W. Winds N’ly west of the low, backing NW across Madeira to 30N
and the waters west of the Canary Islands.
2)    East of the cold front and low, mainly light winds from along the
Moroccan coast north to about 35N in the Gulf of Cadiz. At and north
of 25N, winds E’ly and generally moderate in strength.
3)    Fresh to strong E’ly flow through Gibraltar Strait.
4)    High pressure over the western Med will support a fresh to strong NE/E
flow from Palma to south of Almeria. Backed gradient flow (NE) may
result in lighter winds off Gibraltar to Almeria. Lighter winds along
the Spanish coast, with a good chance of afternoon sea breezes.
5)    Light NE winds Gulf of Valencia. Off Barcelona, winds will be light
and variable, with local sea breezes dominant there.
00Z WEDNESDAY (15-APR-2015)
1)    Low pressure (1013mb) moves to 38N/12W or southwest of Lisbon. A broad
NW flow around the western periphery of the low, backing W to the
Moroccan coast and then southwest into the Gulf of Cadiz. The low will
be slowly weakening, and so will the flow around it.
2)    A complex pattern will be developing into the southwestern Med, with a
low pressure (1015mb) east of Gibraltar. Stronger E/NE winds over the
southwestern Med and Alboran Sea will be slowly weakening and tending
N’ly with time.
3)    Light conditions over the Gulf of Valencia north to Barcelona will be
slowly increasing from the NE, with seas building as well.
00Z THURSDAY (16-APR-2015)
1)    Low pressure over the Bay of Biscay will support a cold front across
western Iberia to the Gulf of Cadiz and then into northwestern Morocco.
2)    A weak high pressure (1024mb) near 30N/32W with a ridge northeast to
near Lisbon. A N/NW flow south of the ridge axis to 30N.
3)    Light and variable winds developing in the Alboran Sea. W’ly flow
arriving in Gibraltar Strait during the day and then spreading into
Alboran Sea later.
4)    A trough or weak low pressure will be south to north off the east
coast of Spain. Unsettled weather with winds mainly light except for
light coast sea breezes.
General Forecast along race route
*** TUESDAY (14-APR-2015) ***
* 30N to 35N and 20W to Moroccan Coast *
WIND: NW 15-20. Some gusts 25 possible, especially western sections near
20W.. East of 15W, generally W/SW 10-20, except lighter near Madeira.
SEAS: 1-2m.
WEATHER: Variable clouds with a chance of showers and a few squalls.
* SW Med *
WIND: NE 15-25. Stronger over the northern half of the waters between
Algeria and Spain.
SEAS: 1-2m except 1m near the Spanish coast.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.
* Gulf of Valencia and Balearic Sea *
WIND: Light and variable except E 5-10 over the Gulf of Valencia. A E/SE
sea breeze from Valencia north in the afternoon. Light and variable area of
divergence offshore.
SEAS: Less than 1,
WEATHER: Partly cloudy.