Weather Forecast 07/03/2015

Cheminees Poujoulat is firmly in E'ly trade winds and reaching north toward the Equator. Winds will generally improve over the next couple days. Neutrogena and GAES Centros Auditivos are skirting a high pressure moving east off the South American coast, but should be able to stay north and east of the light winds. We Are Water and One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton are approaching the southern tip of South America in strong winds and large seas associated with a deep South Pacific storm to the West. Renault Captur is working to skirt north of that same low, but will need to start edging south soon to set up for they rounding of Cape Horn. Spirit of Hungary is trapped by a sprawling high pressure area and its associated light winds. This is very much slowing their progress but prospects appear to improve soon.

Meteo MAR 7, 2015 07:01

*** SYNOPSIS ***

00Z SATURDAY (07-MAR-2015):
1) High (1032mb) at 50S/152W. Ridge extending northeast to 38S/117W.
2) Low pressure (994mb) mear 56S/120W. Fresh SW winds between the high
pressure and low, with possible gales within a couple hundred miles
west and northwest of the low.
3) A very large and strong low (961mb) at 56S/97W. A front wraps out of
the low to 57S/83W then northeast to the Chilean coast. Gale force
winds west and north of the low between 52S and 47S. Lighter winds
east of the low center to the front.
4) Weak high pressure (1005mb) near the Falklands will maintain a ridge
across Cape Horn with very light winds there.
5) High pressure (1017mb) off Buenos Aires near 38S/50W.
6) Low pressure (976mb) near South Georgia Island, with a front extending
north-northwest to 43S/30W to 34S/40W.
7) A high pressure ridge will like west to east along 30S. Eíly trade
winds will be north of the ridge.

00Z SUNDAY (08-MAR-2015):
1) High (1032mb) at 50S/150W. Light winds associated with the high will
extend to 52S before the Wílies really kick in. North of the high,
light winds to 48S then E/SE winds north and east of the high center.
2) Low pressure (993mb) centered at 50S/108W. Síly winds between the low
and high pressure to the west. SW/W to the west and north of the low
3) Low pressure (969mb) centered near 59S/81W. A secondary low (970mb)
near 55S/79W. Strong Wíly flow from a ridge along 100W to the Chilean
coast, but north of 53S. NW winds extend down the coast to Cape Horn.
4) Low pressure (977mb) southeast of Cape Horn near 56S/62W.
5) A broad flow of W/NW winds from north of Cape Horn, across the
Falkland Islands to 44S.
6) High pressure (1021mb) at 36S/41W.
7) A col region of very light winds from 32S to 25W between 37W and 27W.
8) Eíly trade winds north of 24S, except NE along the Brazilian coast and
off Cabo Frio.

00Z MONDAY (09-MAR-2015):
1) High pressure (1031mb) centered near 49N/148W. A broad W/SW flow
between the high and Ice Exclusion Boundary.
2) The W/SW flow will extend to 115W where it transition into cyclonic
circulation around a strong South Pacific storm (981mb) near 47S/100W.
3) Gale to Storm Force cyclonic winds around the west, north, and east
portions of this low between 108W and 85W.
4) A second low (979mb) near 57S/105W. W/NW winds will extend north of
this low to a col area of light winds along 51S.
5) A weak ridge will be west of Patagonia, while low pressure (971mb) is
near 63S/67W. A strong flow of SW winds across Patagonia, Cape Horn
and across to the Falkland Islands.
6) High pressure (1019mb) will be near 41S/58W. A second high (1023mb)
near 35S/38W. Light winds will extend from 42W to 34W along 35S in the
vicinity of this high.
7) North of the high, E winds are expected, stronger west of 30W. A light
patch will be between 28S and 20S west of 30W.
8) North of 20S, solid Eíly trades are expected all along the eastern
Brazilian coast and east to 25W.
9) The Atlantic doldrums are seasonally displaced to the south ñ with
light winds starting around 5S.

General Forecast along race route

*** SATURDAY (07-MAR-2015) ***
* 48S to 53S and 150W to 140W *
WIND: Light and variable west of 146W. East of 146W, generally S/SW 10-20.
SEAS: 2-3m
WEATHER: Mostly to partly sunny.
* 48S to 53S and 140W to 130W *
WIND: SW 20-30 gusting 35, easing 15-25 from west to east with time.
SEAS: 3-5m
WEATHER: Cloudy with squalls. Squalls easing with some clearing from the
west with time.
* 48S to 53S and 130W to 120W *
WIND: SW 25-35 gusting 45.
SEAS: 3-6m
WEATHER: Cloudy with squalls likely.
* 48S to 53S and 120W to 110W *
WIND: North of 51S, generally W/SW 25-35. South of 51S, light and variable
becoming E 10-15 at 53S.
SEAS: 4-6m
WEATHER: Mostly cloudy with squalls likely.
* 49S to 54S and 110W to 100W *
WIND: SW 25-35 gusting 45. Becoming lighter south of 53S and west near 110W.
SEAS: 6-9m, decreasing from west to east
WEATHER: Cloudy with rain and strong squalls likely.
* 50S to 55S and 100W to 90W *
WIND: Near 50S, W/SW 50-60 gusting 75. South of 50S and north of 52S, W/NW
15-25 gusting 30 tending S/SW 30-45. South of 52S, light and variable,
tending S 30-45 from west to east.
SEAS: Building 6-10m
WEATHER: Cloudy with rain and strong squalls likely.
* 51S to 56S and 90W to 80W *
WIND: N 30-40 gusting 50 tending NW 15-25 gusting 35.
SEAS: 4-7m
WEATHER: Cloudy with rain and squalls likely
* 52S to 57S and 80W to 70W *
WIND: NW 20-30 gusting 40.
SEAS: 5-7m
WEATHER: Variable clouds with squalls likely
* 53S to 58S and 70W to 60W *
WIND: N 25-35
SEAS: 4-7m south of Cape Horn. 2-4m north of Cape Horn.
WEATHER: Cloudy with squalls likely
* 48S to 53S and Argentinian coast to 58W *
WIND: N/NW 15-25 gusting 30.
SEAS: 1-2m west of 64W increasing 2-4m east of 60W.
WEATHER: Variable clouds with scattered showers likely. Squalls arriving
from the west.
* 48S to 53S and 58W to 48W
WIND: W/NW 15-25 gusting 30
SEAS: 3-5m
WEATHER: Partly to mostly cloudy with scattered showers.
* 48S to 53S and 48W to 38W
WIND: W 20-35 gusting 40
SEAS: 4-7m
WEATHER: Partly to mostly cloudy with squalls.
* 42S to 47S and Argentinian coast to 54W *
WIND: N 20-30
SEAS: 2-4m
WEATHER: Variable clouds with scattered showers.
* 42S to 47S and 54W to 44W *
WIND: N 10-20 west of 50W. Light and variable east of 50W.
SEAS: 2-4m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with scattered showers.
* 42S to 47S and 44W to 34W *
WIND: SW 15-25 near 44W increasing 25-35 gusting 40 east of 40W.
SEAS: 3-6m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with squalls likely.
* 25S to 30S and 35W to 25W *
WIND: N 10-15
SEAS: 1-3m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with showers possible.
* 20S to 35S and 35W to 25W *
WIND: NE/E 5-15
SEAS: 1-2m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with showers possible.
* 20S to 35S and 35W to 25W *
WIND: E 5-15
SEAS: 1-2m.
WEATHER: Partly cloudy with showers possible.