Sunglasses for Neptune

The Med shows her tough side to One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton:

"We got into the Mediterranean yesterday night, and she is already showing us her nasty face: 30-35 knots of easterly wind, which will make life difficult for us and slow our expected progression towards home. According to the forecast the wind could increase near Cabo de Gata".

Emails from the boats APR 6, 2015 20:38

The Mediterranean has achieved what the rest of the oceans have tried without success: during a manoeuvre in the bow a wave picked us up violently and my glasses ended up into the sea. They were a pair of Adidas glasses specially designed to be able to see better during the race.

The East wind is reminding us that, although we have done the round the world race, this hasn’t finished yet. We still have miles to sail and nothing is decided until we cross the finishing line!