Memories of Faster Times

Seb Audigane recalls Orange Jules Verne

Cape Leeuwin is passed, the strong winds continue and are always pushing Renault Captur.
42 days from Barcelona to Leeuwin is a lot. Especially when I am reminded that it is that ten years ago, almost day to day when I passed the famous Cape Leeuwin for the first time. Indeed we left Brest on January 24 on 2 Orange led by Bruno Peyron and a crew of fourteen people including Jacques CARAES our Barcelona World Race director and Bernard Stamm (to name but two)

Emails from the boats FEB 12, 2015 08:34

We sailed most of the course with a comfortable lead over the reference time for the Jules Verne Trophy (I do not have in mind the exact numbers) and I remember a discussion with Ronan Legoff when we realized that in calculating the distances we had left to go, in fact we had we might be able to finish the course in 50 days. I laughed and said that  would be huge ....! On these beautiful thoughts we slept sinking into the arms of Morpheus. A few weeks later  we crossed the finish line off Ushant in 50 days and a few hours, smashing the record of De Kersauzon and of S.Fosset by over twelve days. This campaign for the Jules Verne always burns brightly in the minds of the crew of Orange 2 as the adventure was successful both in sporting and human terms.
But back to Renault Captur. Last, we realized that a part (3m) of the leech of the Genaker which tore so we rolled it away and stuck it into the forward locker. The result is not too serious, a  tear of three metres.  We were able to repair it is being dried. Meanwhile it's going well under J2 and reefed main, strong winds between 27 and 34 knots and steep sea. That should ease off tomorrow morning. We always have an eye on GAES miles.
Good day everyone on land
Seb & Jorg
47 ° 126 ° 27'668 24'652 S E