Like a bird on a wire

Message from GAES Centros Auditivos – Anna Corbella, 'how we sleep'

"It is not easy to explain what I am going to tell you now. To understand it, you have to transport you mentally to our cabin. I like to call it "budgie" mode, or what is the same, how to sleep standing suspended on a line."

Emails from the boats FEB 20, 2015 10:50

 You may wonder how on earth we sleep 'standing'  on one rope. It's simple: our bed is a bunk bed with a leecloth and a mattress (one very comfortable thanks to Ironman Recovery). The bunk bed has a system of ropes to control its angle so when the boat is heeled we can keep the bed horizontal. Our bunk bed is integrated into what we call the satellite: carbon structure filled with compartments for stowing things that pivots on a strut 180 degrees to port side or to starboard. Thus,  we change the stacking of the boat in a few seconds. It is a very ingenious and practical system. When sailing with strong downwinds (often here in the South) we left it in an intermediate position: the satellite is back with the aim of stern down and bow up  to stop the bow burying as much.
 Thus, the bunk bed is crossed (perpendicular) to the centreline (line bow-stern) and our heads to starboard and our feet to port side (or vice versa). What happen? When the boat is heeling (very often), we slip to leeward, and the only thing that stop us is the ropes that control the angle of the bunk, that one are our feet. And so literally, we are standing on a little rope and we stay there thanks to a strap straps us to the bunk bed. And though it may seem incredible, we sleep! It will be for the mattress or because we have something of bird in the genes...  Bed time!