"Landing upside down on my leg"

Anna Corbella (GAES Centros Auditivos):

It might sound a bit strange to you but you get used to the boat pitching and bouncing. Maybe that’s why today one of those  big ones, surprised me this morning throwing me inot the wair and landing upside down on my leg. 

Emails from the boats MAR 24, 2015 13:48

According to the Doc, Belen Gualis,  from Clinica Quirón-Teknon, the medical director of the Barcelona World Race, I probably have a strained knee ligaments. I was prescribed a cold compress (no ice available!) anti-inflammatories and rest. And Gerard has fixed me up with a perfect knee splint and is in charge for the moment.

I will listen to the doctor: recover early to jump and dance at the finish