It's been b****y hot, this Cape Horn

Seb and Jorg from Renault Captur

This Cape Horn has been bl**dy hot for Renault CAPTUR, even as i write we sill have 40-50kts gusting to 60kts. We are virtually trying to run with a big depression known by some meteorolgists as a meteorlogical bomb. At Cape Horn, the escape from the South,  we passed in front of the front. The wind was really beginning to pick up and 1.5 miles from the coast the big gusts started combined with beautiful waves, but in the next bay after the really big winds settled in and the first gust came in at 71kts sent us reeling. Fortunately it did not last, we could roll in the J3 and head downwind with it reaching to 50kts, gusting 60kts.

Emails from the boats MAR 10, 2015 23:13

So Jorg enters the Cape Horn legend and will now be able to piss in the wind, like the song says. For me it is my fourth and the most difficult yet, not least trying to stay alert and look after our injured boat. The South has been true to its reputation, windy. Very windy. The Pacific Ocean has not spared us, rudder problem, turn back, technical stop, separated from our rivals by a depression, and now a meteorological bomb, which hit us a bit. Now we hope we will get to Barcelona without any more problems. And why not even get closer to and see more of our rivals.
Meantime we are not done yet, we still have the lay line to the east of Staten Island that we have to manage
Seb and Jorg
56 ° 07'099 N / 064 ° 15'475W