Inspirations keep Guillermo going

Since we left New Zealand, making the pit stop, even with the relentless work of the shore crew, on board Neutrogena it has not been so easy. First we find the anticyclone cutting our quick exit to the South.

Emails from the boats FEB 18, 2015 11:45

Then, going by the Auckland and Campbell Islands, the number of floating weed increased: very big bits of weed also indestructible, and the boat becomes unmanageable, as well as slow. We had to stop the boat several times and put the waterproof camera on a stick. We found that the keel had a huge weed around it bundled perfectly. The only solution was to dive, the whole kit of neoprene diving suit and a big knife. The water was neither turquoise nor exactly warm.

After cutting this, more came our way that we had to lose using different means: reverse, dump the keel on the other side, remove with the boathook, throwing a rope over the bow... It was quite entertaining... You can imagine I was not smiling so much and just looked at the sky, as it should do the Holy One to see what else will be sent to us.

When everything becomes difficult if you think you can no longer go through anything else, there's always more to test you patience, ability to excel and determination to keep fighting.

I always remember those ocean pioneers who paved the way for our later generations of ocean racers. The crew of Licor 43 was an example to those who later moved into this world. Even today I remember some phrases and stories that have been told to me. They probably think I didnt listen at the time  but they were my heroes when I did not know even really know sailing. Tomas Gallart, a great friend, once told me: "When everything goes wrong, everything, and nothing works that's when I enjoy it the most". So when things go wrong I think of them and all they did; and I guess compared to them this is nothing. They were the inspiration for many of us and still are.