Getting Closer to the Cape

Nandor Fa's Blog this Saturday

From Nandor Fa at just over 600 miles to Cape Horn
I started the day with a sail-change. Before C went to sleep I asked him to help. We rolled up the reacher and hoisted the solent instead. The wind is getting stronger and I don’t want to push it too much.

Emails from the boats MAR 14, 2015 09:49

The boat surfs from time to time and then we plummet hard every time, which burdens the suspension significantly. Now we are a little bit slower but hopefully we can progress safely. Now I’ll have some breakfast, I deserve it.
Most of the times, we have Westerly winds. We try to choose our routing so that we don’t get into enormous gales, and nor into too light conditions in the following two days before Horn.
After the gybe yesterday night we were running within steadily formed big seas, so the night went fairly simply, we progressed well, with just a little bit of pounding and rumbling.
At the moment we are sailing to North-East on port tack and sometime in the afternoon or in the evening we’ll gybe back towards a South-Easterly direction, which will bring us closer to the target, we just need to have the right longitude.
I have to eat something more because my whole body is freezing. I’m wearing the maximum amount of clothes possible, in which I’m still capable to move. I can only trust my inner heating system.
The water is 7°C, the air is even colder than that. In the morning I changed a bandage on the boom, it took only 10 minutes but my hand were frozen as if I had been playing snowball without gloves at home with the girls.
On 13th March at 17 00 UTC our position is: 54° 00,1′ S, 089° 20,5′ W,
24° left until Horn.