From Seb on Renault Captur, Red Moon Rising

Hi everyone,

The last two days we have not had very much time for writing. In fact through the Canary Islands the wind was strong, we saw 32 kts and mostly between 25 and 30kts. That becomes the main thing for the sailor, when he comes inside again it is to rest.

Emails from the boats JAN 8, 2015 13:42

It has not been an easy week coming down the African coast. The seas have been quite big, sometimes steep which gives us some lurching surfs which are are short and end quickly. At night we get to see the red moon rising, gradually lighting up the track. You can't be anything else but happy to sail in these conditions. It was a little stressful for us on Renault Captur down on the Mauritanian coast last night, close enough in that we were suddenly in fishing grounds. We gybed west and came out. 

As for the race, we are still a bit behind, not super far, but is still makes us a bit nervous what can happen. But we stay cool, the course is long and there are plenty of pitfalls. Right now we look at the Doldrums and prepare to get into the South Atlantic.
It is just on sunrise, we are heading to Cape Verde and it will be warm.

Renault Captur