Conrad Colman: "We don’t see this stop as failure"

Position: 49° 13′ South 157° 19′ East (450 miles South West from the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand)

Heading north again, but this time to a safe haven. A short stop in Bluff, on the very southern tip of the South Island will allow us to check over the boat entirely, finish the drama with our main sail and allow Nandor to recover from the butchering he received up the mast yesterday.

Emails from the boats FEB 24, 2015 09:49

We don’t see this stop as failure, as this opportunity to learn from the thousands of miles we have already covered, try out new solutions for the miles that remain and increase our chances of finishing safely in Barcelona. Nandor and I are both playing the long game here. He is preparing to return to the Vendee Globe and I am preparing for my first assualt, a word that seems more appropriate now more than ever, on this epic solo race in 2016. If a few hours out of the race in a well provisioned port allows us to get on top of the problems and better prepare for future challenges then we are all for it. In fact, I made a list of pros and cons for this stop, and the only point against the stop was that I would have to wait a couple more years until I can complete my first non-stop circumnavigation! A small price to pay.

So (since it’s in the air with the Oscars ceremony, yes I know everything) a special thanks to my uncle Gray who is currently running around in Auckland shopping for tools and spares before meeting us in Bluff on Wednesday. Big teams have professional preparateurs fly in from Europe with cartons of goods but in keeping with the spirit of the Spirit of Hungary project, we’re keeping it a family affair and it will be great to see a friendly familiar face on the dock when we get in. A fellow tinkerer and boat builder, it will be great to share the glory of IMOCA sailing with Gray, although sadly involves more smelly socks than less pom pom girls than most professional sports!