A surprise on board

Some surprising finds for Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz during the Argo launch...

Emails from the boats JAN 23, 2015 20:21

Today at midday we unstowed the Argo float from the stern, to be launched at sea. We carried it on deck and we opened the bag that protects the beacon, and two vacuum-packed bags miraculously appeared, with some ham and other gifts...

For a moment we forgot everything about the float, we were looking at the bags like two kids looking in the window of a cake shop, and we quickly realised who had been the givers of presenting this very valued gift: thank-you Fran, Jesse and Willy, but maybe you could have put a little more!! On board Neutrogena we only carry freeze-dried food, and we will wait for some special moment to eat these delicacies that here are well worth their weight in gold.

Southern Ocean
44 03 S
003 30 E