A Forever Memory

Tonight around 3:00 UTC, finally the light of Cape Horn lighthouse appeared abeam. After sailing during all day with 20 to 30 knots wind, and under several squalls that were following each other, just when we were at the level of the mythical cape, the clouds have vanished and under “the three Maries”, the stars of the Orion constellation belt, the silhouette of the mythical cape has appeared. From today on, when we look at the sky and see Orion, we will remember this magical moment.

Emails from the boats MAR 8, 2015 09:22

Rounding cape Horn is a dream come true. Another one. Cape Horn is a mythical place in the history of sailing. Many sailors have suffered the consequences of its storms, with gal-force winds and high as a mountain seas. I remember as a child being sat down at the sofa at home and seeing the images of the Clippers that tried to pass it, sailing upwind and against the current. They could spend weeks without advancing. I also remember the more recent images of the Withbread, the BOC Challenge and the Vendée Globe, and thinking I wish one day I would be able to do it... Well, that day is today!
It has not been easy. Many hours of preparation, many miles sailed fall behind. We leave behind the Pacific and its giant waves, the cold and humidity that characterise them. There is still a lot of miles to get home. It will be tough and long, but our will and excitement are stronger than ever.
We will keep the question of wether we will come back one day. Getting here is not easy at all, many circumstances must get together.

When you are here you want to get out, go up North and let it finish, but at the same time you think if you will ever be able to come back an enjoy such an amazing experience!

Aleix i Didac

One Panet, One Ocean & Pharmaton