5 W's F1 Pit Stop for G & J..PS Thanks!

Guillermo Altadill (Neutrogena):


I don’t now if you remember us, we are Jose and Guillermo, the Nuetrogena’s guys. A few days ago, for me it’s been like weeks, we had to head to New Zealand for an urgent pit stop and I can tell you it has been a real Formula 1 pit stop.

Emails from the boats FEB 14, 2015 11:31

Rough translation...

 The 5 West team have done an excellent work, professional and quick. And they have not only managed to fix the main problem but also have been able to find and fix other issues that could have been dangerous during the race. The wear of the boat during a non-stop race like Barcelona World Race competing at the maximum with those huge machines with every single piece of the boat.. There are hundreds and they suffer like us or even more.

Now we are back in the race, I don’t know the position and I'm not going to have a look at the ranking during the next days I just want to concentrate into our speed, our tactics. We have 12.000 miles left and we have to fight each mile one by one and the we will only know the result when we leave the W Hotel in Barcelona to port, reaching the finishing line of the Barcelona World Race.

Otherwise let me tell you that something so normal and daily like eating fresh food, sleeping on a bed or having a hot shower are things that you really appreciate when you’ve been 43 days without them. So everyday you do that, think about how lucky toy are and the privileged you have..

Thanks to all the team for your work… Now its our  turn!


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