The heart of an ocean athlete

The physical requirements to complete a round the world regatta such as the Barcelona World Race are exceptional. That's why the medical check-ups prior to the start of the race include an exercise test. In this video you can find out how Aleix Gelabert got on with his at the Hospital Quirón Teknon.

Articles FEB 17, 2015 15:53

The skippers are now halfway through the race and are battling the gruelling conditions of the Southern Ocean. To compete in a Barcelona World Race it's not enough to be a competent sailor: these skippers are made of tougher stuff; exceptional psychological resistance is required and the sailors must also be athletes prepared for physical exertion pushing them right to the limit.
One of the most important parts of the medical review the skippers are put through for the Barcelona World Race, is the exercise test. Learn all about the test in this video from the Barcelona World Race Ocean Campus course on Medicine.
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