How to consult a doctor

Out on the oceans, the doctor is at a distance. Videoconferencing and the Medical Guide form the foundations of telemedicine, a discipline in itself, requiring the use of cutting-edge technology and a strict code of communication. In this video, Dr Belén Gualis, the medical director of the regatta, simulates a long-distance medical consultation with Dídac Costa, skipper on One Planet, One Ocean, Pharmaton.

Articles JAN 31, 2015 20:07

The Medical Guide is an essential part of any onboard Medical Kit on an ocean yacht and is the tool used for communication between the doctor and the sailor when a medical issue arises.

In the Barcelona World Race, the Medical Guide by Dr Chauve is used. The Guide was developed during the first editions of the Vendée Globe.

It is made up of two volumes: How to consult a remote doctor and Treatment with a remote doctor.



The guide is structured in such a way that it groups symptoms together and uses anatomical positioning diagrams which don't require the use of any complex medical jargon.

The books are organised by easily identifiable symptoms. Each of the main symptoms is indicated in the title of the page with a specific number (an even number) on the left. If the symptoms are related to anatomical parts, a map of body parts can be used, with for example the thorax, abdomen, arms... all of these are represented with a grid featuring columns and rows, with the letters (in capitals) featuring horizontally and the numbers vertically. The numbered grid superimposed on the diagrams allow for accurate location of the discomfort.

This video is from the course Injury, illness and telemedicine in extreme sailing is a course from the Barcelona World Race Ocean Campus. This course has been developed in collaboration with the Quirón Teknon Hospital in Barcelona, from where Dr Belén Gualis performs her role as Barcelona World Race Medical Director. This course is free. Enroll