The rules and regulations for ocean regattas are set out in two key documents: The Notice of Race and the Race Instructions. Both documents are published on this Official Notice Board for the event.

This Official Notice Board also features information on theoretical routes and  replies from the Race Directors to queries from the teams.

The Notice of Race

This document contains the definitions of the most important aspects of the regatta.

Key features are:

•   The organiser
•   The official language
•   The crew
•   The boat
•   The course
•   The start and the finish
•   The start date
•   The prizes
•   The official regulations applicable: OSR; Class Rules, International Rules, International Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS)....
•   Etc.

The Notice of Race can also be considered as a “contract” between participant and organiser. The text may be modified slightly, but any modification must not significantly alter the key characteristics of the event.

Race Instructions

This document facilitates the direct application of the Notice of Race and provides the participants with the details of the regatta rules and regulations, such as:

•   The starting time.
•   Procedure at the starting line.
•   The rules to be respected throughout the race.
•   Procedure at the ice gates.
•   Communication protocol between sea and land.
•   A description of the finishing line.
•   Etc.

The Race Instructions may be modified at any time up until the start, under the heading “modifications”.

Both the Notice of Race and the Race Instructions are filed under the Official Notice Board for the event.