Parte del 1/1/15

La flota contará con vientos del NE/N que se irán bajando durante las próximas 12 horas.

Meteo ENE. 1, 2015 08:29

*** SYNOPSIS ***
00Z THURSDAY (01-JAN-2015):
1) High pressure (1038mb) is over northern France. A ridge extends east
of the high into Germany.
2) Another ridge extends from the French high pressure into the southern
Bay of Biscay and northwestern Spain to a high (1034mb) off the coast
near Vigo.
3) Another high (1032mb) is located over the Moroccan/Algerian border.
4) Low pressure (1009mb) is over the central Med east of Sicily, with a
trough extending west of the low and along the north African coast.
5) There is a moderate NE flow between the high pressure over
west/southwest Europe and the central Med low. The flow is fresh to
strong over waters north of Palma, but eases as it fills into the
Spanish mainly coast.
6) Winds are more left-shifted NE north of Palma, bending more E’ly as
they flow in toward the Gulf of Valencia and ease.

00Z FRIDAY (02-JAN-2015):
1) A multi-center high pressure will be over southwestern Europe, the
southwestern Med, the Iberian coast and western Algeria. One high will
be centered over southwestern France (1038mb). A second high (1038mb)
will be over central Spain with a third over northwestern Algeria
(1037mb). The high (1038mb) west of the Iberian coast will be centered
near 40N/13W.
2) The NE/E wind over the Balearic Sea and Southwestern Med will weaken
today and becoming light SW by 00Z Friday.
3) Moderate E’ly flow is expected to continue over the Alboran Sea.

00Z SATURDAY (03-JAN-2015):
1) The multi-centered high pressure will continue across southwest Europe.
Primary centers of high pressure will be over central France (1038mb),
central Spain (1038mb), northern Algeria (1039mb) and off Porto
(1038mb) west of Porto.
2) Light SW winds return over the Balearic Sea while a weak E’ly Levante
wind will be over the Alboran.
3) A zone of light and variable winds between Almeria and Cartegena -
under the high pressure - separating the Balearic SW’ly and the
Alboran E’ly.
4) The SW’ly is expected to generally build through the day, while the
E’ly across the Alboran Sea will generally ease.

00Z SUNDAY (04-JAN-2015):
1) High pressure (1039mb) consolidates over the Bay of Biscay and south
of Ireland. A ridge will extend south to north-central Spain. A second
ridge will be off the northwestern Spanish coast.
2) There will be another high (1039mb) over western Algeria, with a col
region expected over the Alboran Sea.
3) A low trough of low pressure is expected to exist along and parallel
to the Moroccan Atlantic coast.
4) Light-moderate SW winds are expected over the southwestern Med from
about east of Almeria to Ibiza.
5) West of Almeria over the Alboran Sea, E’ly flow will continue, though
it will be generally weakening with time.

General Forecast along race route

*** THURSDAY (01-JAN-2015) ***
>>> BALEARIC SEA: Outside the Gulf of Valencia, E/ENE 5-10 in shore
increasing to ENE/NE 15-20 north of Ibzia and west of Palma. Winds
generally easing after sunrise and becoming light mid-day. A W tending SW
wind will fill out of the Valencian coast. Becoming SW/S 7-12.
>>> SW MEDITERRANEAN: E/NE 10-15 easing 5-10. Becoming variable in the
evening. A local sea breeze on the Spanish coast with late SW flow
spreading out from the coast into the southwestern Med.
>>> ALBORAN SEA: Light and variable in the morning, becoming ENE/E 10-15
late morning and 15-20 in the afternoon/evening.

SEAS: 1m NE swell offshore north of Ibiza, less than 0.5m inshore. 0.4-0.8m
SW Med and Alboran Sea.

WEATHER: Some clouds and showers are possible this morning, especially
Balearic Sea and south of Ibiza. Becoming main clear with time this
afternoon and into tonight.

*** FRIDAY (02-JAN-2015) ***
>>> BALEARIC SEA: SW 10-15 easing 5-10 through the day. W/NW closer to
>>> SW MEDITERRANEAN: SW 5-10 generally building 8-13. Light southern half
and easing southwest of Cartagena.
>>> ALBORAN SEA: E 10-15 increasing 14-18 before sunrise, backing NE near
the Spanish coast. Generally easing E 10-15 through the afternoon. Lighter
near the Spanish coast in the afternoon.

SEAS: 0.5-1m

WEATHER: Clouds and showers over the western Alboran Sea on approach to
Gibraltar. Otherwise mainly fine conditions.

*** SATURDAY (03-JAN-2015) ***
>>> SW MEDITERRANEAN: Generally SW 5-10 increasing 10-15. Lighter in a
transition zone southeast of Almeria.
>>> ALBORAN SEA: Generally E 10-15 easing 5-10.
>>> GIBRALTAR: E 15-20, easing 10-15 later afternoon/evening.

SEAS: 0.5-1m

WEATHER: Clouds decreasing around Gibraltar. Fine conditions elsewhere.