IMOCA class and FNOB already work for the 4th edition Race

Following the publication of the 4th edition Barcelona World Race pre-announcement, the leaders of the IMOCA class met with FNOB officials in Barcelona in order to ensure the success of the next edition of the race, to be held in 2018-2019.

News FEB 16, 2016 12:32

The President of the IMOCA class Jean Kerhoas, Vice-President Jean Le Cam and Managing Gaëtan Gouérou met the FNOB management team this current month of February in order to exchange information and coordinate efforts in preparing the next edition of the race.

The FNOB transmitted the conclusions and findings of its experts committee. They discussed the probable change of the starting date, the communication strategy for the French and European markets and the participation of Spanish crews in the IMOCA Ocean Masters race among other issues.

In the time frame of the meeting were also defined the media & communication policies of content exchange in the FNOB, BWR, and IMOCA Ocean Masters websites, in order to ensure common contents and the wider distribution of the available information pieces, as well a developing and setting up strategies to effectively meet the market.

FNOB and IMOCA to continue working together towards the 4th edition of the Barcelona World Race. It will be held in the IMOCA Ocean Masters championship in 2018 - 2019.