We rely on the ocean

Today is World Oceans Day, an opportunity to emphasize the importance of caring for the sea and the future of life on our planet, as well as raising awareness of the real dangers that loom over our oceans, as a result of misuse by human beings.

News JUN 8, 2018 13:46

In this regard, ocean sailing has an important role to play in the development of scientific studies that allow for continuous monitoring of pollution and acidification of the ocean, discovering how it affects currents, water and life cycles. The FNOB’s active collaboration and experience from past editions of the Barcelona World Race has been especially useful, for example in the study of micro plastic contamination and salinity.

With this philosophy, the FNOB has been cooperating since 2009 with the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC-UNESCO) in what has been an unprecedented partnership between the sport of sailing and the scientific community, and which is today an international reference.

Today FNOB’s main line of work is the promotion of scientific projects in an attempt to obtain data and to generate knowledge about the sea and the climate. The FNOB is committed to liaise between ocean sailing and science communities, and continues to promote scientific projects in the field of natural science and health, along with many prestigious scientific institutions joining efforts transversally, in order to generate useful data and share this knowledge for the good of society.

Therefore, the FNOB is committed to continue to work hand in hand with the scientific community to launch a project platform that brings and ensures that these are useful to the community and civil society.

Shortly, the FNOB and its scientific partners will inform about this new society oriented initiative.