We Are Water set to arrive this afternoon

At today's 0900hrs (UTC) update, We Are Water were 30 miles from the finish. After ghosting along at just 1-2 knots overnight, they were this morning back up to a comfortable 8 knots of boatspeed in moderate south-easterlies. They are forecast to arrive in Barcelona at 1600-1800hrs local time (1400-1600 UTC) after 99 days of racing. As Willy and Bruno Garcia enjoy their last afternoon at sea, we take a look back at some of their best quotes from the race:

News APR 9, 2015 12:42

The brothers have a great time on board We Are Water, that much is obvious from watching the videoconferences and reading the emails from Bruno and Willy Garcia. Here’s a summary of their best quotes:

Bruno Garcia - 01.05.2015 - Once in the Atlantic
"We try by all our means to scratch some miles but the whim of Aeolus is our judge.

Bruno Garcia - 09.01.2015 - Cape Verde
"I do not want to see the mast breaking in these latitudes ever again, that’s plenty of reason to take our foot out the accelerators. Here each mile is a small victory. This one is something special. I’ll think of Jean (Le Cam)."

Bruno Garcia - 10.01.2015 - Cape Verde
"In a twist of fate – at the same latitude where we lost the President’s mast during the last edition the wind vane has gone to hell. It’s one of life’s coincidences, once it’s the vane and another time it’s the whole mast, including the vane.”

Bruno Garcia - 17/01/2015 – Brotherly relationship
"It was a wise decision to come with him. The relationship is very good and we are having fun, doing really well.”

Bruno Garcia - 02/28/2015 - The deep south
"We wanted to be here, even if it is hard. It's like a very strong trade winds, very wet and very cold.”

Willy Garcia - 02/01/2015 - In the Indian Ocean
"We are very pleased to discover a new ocean. The first few days we are finding a very chaotic sea, very crossed waves. For now the Indian Ocean is earning its rough reputation.”

Bruno Garcia - 02/09/2015 - Life on board
"These race cars are designed to run across the sea, but are not comfortable for the little person or little people that inhabit them.”

Willy Garcia - 02/11/2015 - The cold
"You have to wear a thousand layers of clothes not to freeze yourself ... it takes me longer than a woman to get dressed, (ha ha ha!). We try to spend most of the watches inside the cabin, as outside the waves sweep the deck every few minutes.”

Willy Garcia - 02/12/2015 - Farewell to the headlight
"The sail flaps and knocks out the light from my head, which falls into the water. Damn, I was watching the light going away at speed through the dark water and it gave me a sensation of vertigo. You keep thinking ... “gluuuups I don’t want to be it'. It was just a head light... but I’ve just changed their batteries!"

Willy Garcia - 24/02/2015 - Chinese gybe at the top of the mast
We climbed to check the mast to check everything is OK. I checked the spreaders, and runners. But when I was at the top of the mast the autopilot failed and we did a Chinese gybe and it was a little bit scary. Nothing broke and we are OK.”

Willy Garcia - 02/08/2015 - Cape Horn
"It involves an incentive and a rise in morale. We have an important stage of the race already behind us and now we have to face the entire climb of the Atlantic, which is not bad."

Bruno Garcia - 02/08/2015 - Cape Horn
"For many years I always thought 'I want to sail Cape Horn'. What I’ve never thought is that I will do it next to my brother, in a round the world regatta, departing from Barcelona and non-stop.”

Bruno Garcia - 15/03/2015 - One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton within 15 miles
"The days are becoming really short. They are doing great, we don’t know how they run this boat so fast. We are living very intensely on board, always aware of the positions reports.”

Willy Gacia - 19/03/2015 - At the Equator
"The passage of the Doldrums will be entertaining... The nights and evenings are magical, if it were not for these neighbours we have, who do not let us rest, ha ha ha!”

Willy Garcia - 04/05/2015 - At the gates of the Mediterranean
"Physically we are fine, but when you are so close any minor inconvenience, as the lull we've had, affects you. You do not have much patience as you’d have if there were thousands of miles ahead."