Trapped Like Fish

Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman found themselves trapped in a sticky situation yesterday as they approached the Straits of Gibraltar on the Moroccan coast. In the darkness they strayed into a maze of fishing nets which, in the end, they battled to free themselves.
Speaking to Barcelona this morning Nandor explained:

News APR 17, 2015 13:29

" We sailed through Gibraltar very quickly but before that we had a lot of problem with the fishing nets on the Moroccan, we stopped twice and had to cut off nets twice because we were completely locked in there, it was a jungle, a huge jungle of fishing nets, a lot of small lights, no way out. We felt we were in a trap and there was no way out. After a couple of hours lost time, and lost distance we could escape. And after that we had nice African coastal winds, and we could go through the Straits quite quickly. Right now we have light westerly winds and we are moving slowly.
Seeing land
It was a huge feeling to see the land again. We congratulated each other. We had a celebration breakfast and the rest of the nice food. We enjoyed it very much.
Finish in few days?
Nobody know how long it will be until we finish, the weather is quite confused, mostly nothing. Right now we have some wind and we try to go to the north to Spanish coast and find some coastal winds but nothing is sure at the moment.
Of course we are missing our friends and specially the family and our friends in Race Direction and as well the other competitors, it will be so nice to see them and share their experiences. It will be a nice moment to arrive, but there is still 500 miles to go.
We have freeze dried. We are looking forwards to going into a restaurant, to returning to a nice, civilised life, civilised food. We are looking forwards. There are two two things we both look forwards to, to be at the cafe on the beach (in Barcelona, Buenas Migas!) and a nice Italian Restaurant in the old town where we have a nice Pizza, we will go there and visit. But what else? That depends on friends and family.
The most difficult has been in the dead calms, when we have had no wind, that has been really bad and the second bad thing is upwind, but the worst is staying in one place not able to go anywhere, unable to do anything. All the technical problem. The boat is fantastic, I love it but I am really frustrated with some really important technical problems, issues to be fixed. It will be timely to be in port again!"