Hugo Boss, Neutrogena and Cheminees Poujoulat cross S within 2.5 hours

Three in Two (and a bit)

Three Barcelona World Race IMOCA 60s have passed the Equator early this morning with just two hours and thirty minutes separating them. Hugo Boss, Alex Thomson and Pepe Ribes, crossed at 0150hrs UTC this Monday morning. At 0300hrs UTC – about 40 miles further west – Neutrogena, Guillermo Altadill and José Muñoz crossed.

News JAN 12, 2015 05:44

Then at 0420hrs UTC Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam on Cheminées Poujoulat crossed.
The leaders are into the SE’ly breeze making abut 10-11kts. They are at 24 hours 10 minutes ahead of the pace of the 2010-2011 edition, which is comparable as both started on 31st December, the 2006-7 race started in November.

The two 5 Degrees W boats, Hugo Boss and Neutrogena, continue to race closely, although Altadill and Muñoz have gained some leverage in the west, in the tighter reaching conditions now we might expect the newer Hugo Boss to be more noticeably quicker. Perhaps.
GAES Centros Auditivos are actually about 100 miles behind in terms of north-south, Anna Corbella and Gérard Marin losing some speed with their mainsail problem Saturday night.
For Renault Captur, Jorg Riechers and Sébastien Audigane, theirs is a more classical Doldrums scenario. They were going nowhere fast this morning and are painted into a corner slightly. They were making just 1.1kts. So they can try and escape to the west which is slow. Or they can carry on south which also looks slow.
The SE’ly trade winds are nowhere near as strong at the corresponding NE’ly for the passage to the Equator. 15kts is much more what will be experienced. And ahead, as previewed yesterday, the Saint Helena high is still very south and west, centred 26S 26W and so that means a big detour west to get around it and still stay with breeze. This can erode some of that 24 hours advance on the last edition.
One Planet One Ocean Pharmaton and We Are Water are now just 29 miles apart, 340 miles to the Equator.
And Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman are making better progress now after removing some net from the keel of Spirit of Hungary. An inspection by Go Pro camera revealed their problem and it is now gone. Two happier sailors today!