Ten Per Cent on the Brothers?

One hundred miles to the ENE of Madeira the breezes remain light for One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton as Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa sail east. And ahead of them, as they progress towards the Moroccan coast, working towards the Straits of Gibraltar where they are expected Sunday, the breezes remain quite light and difficult. They are making just over seven knots this morning and now have under 1000 miles to go to the finish.
But they have had to concede some miles to the Garcia brothers Bruno and Willy. The good news, from a strategic point of view, is that We Are Water are pretty much pointing at their stern. In a match race scenario that has to be good. You have your opponent covered - even if they are a little bit faster than Gelabert and Costa who still have 100 miles behind - 10 per cent of the distance to finish! Easterly winds are blowing the Straits and a complicated approach is on the cards, anything can happen and both duos will be piecing together every bit of weather info they can. The next 24-36 hours could decide their race.

News APR 3, 2015 08:26

Renault Captur are starting to look a little prettier. Life surely has been tough for Jorg Riechers and Sébastien Audigane since they ended up pressed on to the South American coast, but finally their trade winds are veering progressively and they are getting some east into their course, which they need considering how far west they are.
And Spirit of Hungary, welcomed back into the Northern Hemisphere ysterday afternoon, have actually struggled for breeze pretty much but the good news is that the NE trade winds will gradually return for them over the next 24-36hrs