Second meeting of the FNOB experts committee

The experts committee constituted by the FNOB in order to analyse and propose improvements regarding the organization of the Barcelona World Race, has celebrated its second meeting

News FEB 22, 2016 13:45

The committee involves the same assistants as in the previous meeting, it has debated for over three hours on the different issues of the race and reached some conclusions.

In particular, they discussed the starting date of the race, the  sum of the award and the fiscal treatment to be applied so that it is not detrimental to the skippers, the scenario of the IMOCA 60 fleet after the Vendée Globe, with record entries this year, as well as the present day sport sponsorship scene.

The FNOB will be consulting with the IMOCA class (they’ve already met), local authorities and other specialists such as meteorologist experts in ocean sailing before ratifying the expert committee’s conclusions that are to be published.

The experts committee plans to meet in two months time.