Renault Captur safely parked for Wellington Pitstop, the Meter is Running

Renault Captur arrived in Wellington at 23H04UTC on Saturday 22nd of February the start of their technical pit stop where they aim to have their starboard rudder repaired and also sort out the problem with their keel. When they last communicated Jorg Riechers and Sésbastien Audigane were in very positive spirits and ready to make sure their pitstop is as quick and efficient as possible. Meantime they have dropped to sixth on the rankings with One Planet, One Ocean Pharmaton up to fifth.

News FEB 22, 2015 07:28

Spirit of Hungary, into the Pacific since 2200hrs last night, seemed to indicate a technical pit stop might be a possibility but as yet no clear indication. Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman are in a cold front with 20kts of NW'ly making good speeds but their wind will increase tonight to 30-35kts as the low passes over them.

One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton the beneficiaries of fifth place now are still under the influence of a high pressure, the same one as We Are Water who are 340 miles ahead in fourth. One Planet, One Ocean have 30kts NW'lies - We Are Water a bit less - but the high is going to move off to the NE and conditions will improve.

The duel between GAES Centros Auditivos and Neutrogena carries on with Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín within five miles of each Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz. The twosome are posting high average speeds - 16-18kts - in SW'ly 20-25kts which will build and veer today as a low pressure takes hold to their south. That is going to give them both a fast ride for the next 48 hours or so, 30kts of breeze and more.

nd race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat are now less than 1000 miles to Cape Horn and are sailing steadily in 30kts of NW'ly and 6 to 8 m seas.  Their dilemma just now is how to deal with the big low pressure they are with as they approach Cape Horn. The key is to work out exactly how the low is going to track and evolve. If they go south it will be lighter, unpredictable with confused big seas, north means much more wind. They are stll expected afternoon Tuesday at Cape Horn.