As strong winds continue for the race leader Cheminées Poujoulat, Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam expecting another spell of 35-40kts winds tonight, so almost all of the fleet are profiting from strong westerlies. From Cheminées Poujoulat which is approaching the mid-point of the Pacific to Spirit of Hungary at 200 miles to Cape Leeuwin, the Big South is delivering the kind of conditions everyone expects and profits from. The one exception is We Are Water which is in a little, trapped cell of high pressure and so having just 10-15kts winds.

News FEB 17, 2015 07:01

Cheminées Poujoulat have no sooner emerged from one active low pressure than they are on to the front of a good, new system. But the key for them is that they are at the leading edge so there should be some good, fast conditions to plunge on eastwards. By this afternoon they will be having 30-35kts and good seas. Around tomorrow midday they should reach the midpoint of the Pacific, with 2100 miles to go Cape Horn where they are expected to round on 24th February.
The three musketeers, Neutrogena, GAES Centros Auditivos and Renault Captur are in the same regime of W'ly winds, slightly less for Neutrogena which is 80 miles in front of GAES Centros Auditivos this morning.
Neutrogena have now crossed ahead of GAES Centros Auditivos and so that lead is a realistic measure, though Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín are still quicker this morning.

Guillermo Altadill and Jose Munoz crossed the antimeridian at midnight last night.  GAES Centros Auditivos were passing about 0600hrs this morning and so they are about 6 hours behind Neutrogena.
Renault Captur are still keeping on the pressure on the two immediately in front, Jorg Riechers and Sébastien Audigane are quickest in the fleet this morning making 18.2kts averages.

We Are Water should be in better pressure by this evening, and will continue to march along the Antarctic Exclusion Zone.
Meantimes One Planet One Ocean & Pharmaton and Spirit of Hungary are riding the same big low, centred between 58 and 60 deg south. And so Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman have been 35 and 40kts, and 700 miles in front of them One Planet One Ocean are seeing 20-25kts winds which will build to 35 today.