Penultimate Day in Pacific

Rookies No More

The Big South is coming to an end for the Garcia brothers and for Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa. They are no longer rookies when it comes to the southern oceans and tomorrow the two Spanish duos should relish the moment when they all cross Cape Horn for the first time.
They seem to be being offered quite favourable conditions for their penultimate day in the Pacific, NW and N'ly breezes 20-25kts though they have big seas. Both are due to round the rock tomorrow and are just 120 miles apart

News MAR 6, 2015 08:11

At the front of the fleet Cheminées Poujoulat has made it into the SE'ly trade winds now and is making steady speeds around 11-14kts due at the Equator in four days.
Neutrogena and GAES Centros Auditivos are enjoying a little low pressure action which is giving them some faster downwind conditions, around 20-25kts which should last for probably 24 hours just now. Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín have caught a few small miles to Neutorgena and are about 90 miles behind but Neutrogena are faster this morning.
Renault Captur are still in the best conditions of the fleet, north of a big low pressure. It must be quite frustrating to be hobbled by their rudder problem, considering how they would have been better able to catch miles if they could be at full speed, avergaing two or three knots quicker. But such is ocean racing!