Pacific Express Keeps Rolling for Cheminees Poujoulat

Race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat continue with their rapid pace racking up another 470 miles 24 hours run in excellent conditions. The Pacific is proving kind so far to Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam giving continued 25kts NWly winds and relatively flat, smooth seas. They passed between Campbell and Auckland Island yestrday evening.

News FEB 12, 2015 07:26

Meantime Neutrogena have made decent progress towards Invercargill. Conditions have been pretty tough but their NWly breezes have slackened to about 22kts and they continue to make about 13 kts with 240 miles to sail at 0500hrs UTC this morning. That suggests they should be there during Thursday night (Friday afternoon local time).

GAES Centros Auditivos are the quickest in the fleet on the morning ranking at 18.7kts and have gained about 100 miles on Neutrogena since yesterday but are still about 1020 miles behind. Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín are in front of a cold front with 22kts of breeze and 550 miles left before they break into the Pacific. Renault Captur have gained 21 miles on GAES Centros Auditivos in the last 24 hours but remain 276 miles behind, racing in the same system.

We Are Water are just ahead of a big system but are doing 13kts and have Cape Leeuwin, a big moment for the Garcia brothers, about 20hours or 240 miles ahead of them.

If that big moment is ahead of them, Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costas had a really big moment themselves around 0300hrs this morning when they had to gybe One Planet One Ocean Pharmaton in huge seas and big winds. Mission Accomplished they are making steady speeds close to the middle of a big, active low pressure. They have had winds gusting to 50kts and are forecast to see more of the same.

But it is the very opposite situation for Spirit of Hungary who are 679 miles behind in a ridge of high pressure. They are very slowed in very light airs. Since the 1900hrs UTC ranking last night they have struggled for wind, making just 35 miles. But they should get some breeze filling in shortly, with 20-22kts of W'ly forecast.