One last night at sea for We Are Water

While One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton are expected to finish the Barcelona World Race in fourth place in the next hour or two, their long-term rivals Bruno and Willy Garcia on We Are Water are preparing for their final night at sea. Now just 90 miles from the finish line, the fifth placed team spoke by videoconference earlier today about their emotions on the  eve of finishing:

News APR 8, 2015 18:18

Willy Garcia, We Are Water

Willy, you’re about to arrive in Barcelona tomorrow, how do you feel?

We feel very happy because we have two days that have been very hard with strong upwind conditions, here in the Mediterranean Sea. And so we are happy because today the wind has veered and we so we have started heading to Barcelona. And also the wind has calmed a little bit, and we are less than 200 miles from the arrival so we are very happy.

Two days ago you approached the coast to set up the storm jib – that was a tough decision because it meant you lost any opportunity to get to fourth place. Why did you decide to do that?

For sure it was hard, but we had problems with the halyard of the storm jib, so we had to cling to the mast and it was completely impossible to do it offshore with the waves that we had, so we had to go to a harbour with calm seas and cling to the mast, fix the halyard and fix also the storm jib.

Yes, it was a tough decision but the first objective was to arrive, we have to remember that our boat isn't all new materials so we had to do some groundwork, and the objective was to arrive.

Are you tired or are you just trying to push as hard as possible to get to Barcelona ASAP?

No, we want to arrive as soon as possible so we have to – even if we cannot catch Pharmaton, we want to arrive with the least time possible. If we can arrive in less than 100 days then it’s a nice record also.