Neutrogena pitstopped in Bluff NZ

Neutrogena, Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz, pitstopped into Bluff - a port 30 kms by road from Invercarcgill - at 0522hrs UTC this Friday morning. The duo came in in 12kts of breeze and clock is now ticking to make sure they can resume racing at 0522hrs Saturday morning. The Neutrogena team had technicians on the dock ready to fix their engine problems and give the IMOCA 60 a good once over. They suspended racing just at the entrance to the harbour.

News FEB 13, 2015 07:32

It is pretty much the southermost town in New Zealand, referred to in the expression "from Cape Reinga to The Bluff" referring to the most northerly and southerly places of New Zealand. Appropriately the first  ship to enter the harbour there was the 'Perseverance' in 1813. It is one of the earliest European settlements in New Zealand and until 1917 was called Campbelltown.

Meantime race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat have slowed down now in lighter, shifty airs. They are between two low pressure systems now and are making just 10.5kts of boat speed.  Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam will have a bit of a frustrating time with the breeze clocking round from NW to E to S, too unstable to enjoy much of a chance to rest after their exertions of the last few days.

In third GAES Centros Auditivos are going quick, fastest in the fleet at 16.8kts. They have opened another 20 miles on Renault Captur and Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín have less than 100 miles left to sail in the Indian Ocean, ready to pass into the Pacific this afternoon.
Renault Captur are riding the same low pressure system and are now about 300 miles behind their nearest rivals.

We Are Water, Bruno and Willy Garcia, crossed the longitude of Cape Leeuwin at 2201hrs UTC last night Thursday, taking 43 days 10hrs and 01mins from the Barcelona start on 31st December.

Best conditions of the fleet right now are probably with One Planet One Ocean and Spirit of Hungary. They have a low pressure to their south now. OnePlanet One Ocean have about 17kts of SW which will veer NW today and Aleix Gelabert and Didac Costa are making 15kts boat speed. Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman have 25kts NW'ly breeze and are making good speed E t 16.4kts average.