Is there more ice or is it that detection has improved?

All scientific evidence points to a direct relationship between an acceleration of the melting of the ice in Antarctic and climate change. However, there is still a lack of data to be able to effectively evaluate the danger of ice breaking off into the ocean and whether the ice is moving further north, up into relatively warm latitudes where it was previously difficult to find. We have published an article outlining the concepts and information about the topic discussed in the first part of last debate on Sailing in the Southern Ocean: Ice Gates and Climate Change.

News FEB 25, 2013 17:24

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Is there are relationship between the increase in the amount of ice being detected and the increase in the amount of floating ice itself? There isn't enough climate or scientific data to back this up and now it looks like yachtsmen and women racing through the Southern Ocean are likely to be important scientific agents in the quest for data.

The first part of the debate on Sailing in the Southern Ocean: Ice Gates and Climate Change which was held on the 5th of February at the Barcelona World Race Interpretation Centre, centred on the relationship between climate change and the presence of ice in the southernmost oceans of the planet. This is the third article in a series based on the round table discussion which brought together Jorge Luis Valdés, the Head of Ocean Sciences at the UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission, navigator Joan Vila and meteorologist Marcel Van Triest, along with members of the sailing press. [See videos of the entire debate]