Small Comforts

Home comforts for 90 days at sea

Managing emotions, getting rested and occasionally being able to switch off from the stress are just some of the ideals which can make the 90 days of racing on the Barcelona World Race feel less intense. 

News DEC 28, 2014 18:56

Music, photos, books and movies are topics which might have once have had a weight implication but now most will take a digital library of some type, iPad, tablet, smartphone or similar. And meantime there is also the issue of how much food to take, and what treats are in store.

"We are taking 100 days of food, if that’s not enough I don’t know..." jokes Spirit of Hungary’s skipper Nandor Fa, to which his partner, Conrad Colman says, " We’re not even thinking about that. We will arrive with two weeks of food spare".

Occasionally sailors will want – or even need - to disconnect, accepting that the boat is in good hands and going at 100% of potential. A few moments tuning in to a movie, book or listening to music, looking at family photos, can help the skipper disconnect, allowing them to sleep or de-stress. Didac Costa, One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton, will have a few digital books. "For sure I’m not takina a sailing themed book but I have not yet decided what books I'll take", said Costa.

Pepe Ribes, who sail aboard Hugo Boss, will have enough music on board. He only uses it to sleep. "Sometimes even I get boring music, music I do not like, it helps me to get to sleep" explains Ribes who insists that all he want to hear when racing is to hear all the noises from all parts of the IMOCA 60. "It's very important to be in tune with the boat and know what is making all the different noises".

"When I’m racing I do not need no music or movies or anything. The music, heard on earth. At sea, I prefer to concentrate and listen to the sounds of the ship and the ocean”, says Guillermo Altadill,Neutrogena’s skipper. By contrast, his co-skipper José Muñoz will have music and movies. "The movies are better if they are comedies. It’s always nice to have a chuckle”, said the Chilean sailor. And in his music playlist there a group that must be there: Los Prisioners, “an icon of Chilean rock".