Forever Isabel

Our dear Isabel Genís, who was one of the keys to the success of the Barcelona World Race, died on Monday following an illness. Isabel headed up the communications team for the round the world regatta for all three of the editions of the competition and had a huge hand in taking the event to its status as one of the most prestigious regattas in the international sailing calendar.

News NOV 21, 2017 14:59

Not only was Isabel a consummate professional, who has left an everlasting stamp on the Barcelona World Race, but she was also a fantastic colleague and a good friend. She always had a smile, even during times of great tension and she showed great resilience and strength, even when energies were flailing. She was always concerned about the wellbeing of her team and colleagues, always approachable, always kind and fun to be around. Beyond her professional role, Isabel looked after us and it was Isabel who guided us all.

She didn’t miss a thing; from protocol decisions at the highest level to the smallest of decorative details. No job was too big nor too small and Isabel tackled each one with the same positive spirit. “Form is essence” she would say, and her essence shone through.


She was, without doubt, as so many members of the FNOB family have said, “a person with an incredible ability to really connect with people”, “one of the greats”, “someone you could never tire of talking to or laughing with”, “she had an incredible sense of humour”, “she was masterful at what she did”, “she was a wonderful person who we will always love and who will forever stay in our hearts”. Her brilliance, her humanity and her boundless energy will forever guide all of those who were lucky enough to share this marvellous adventure with her.

The funeral will take place in Palafrugell in Catalonia on Saturday 26th of November at 17:00 local time.