Double-handed ocean racing debate video now available

Professional skippers Anna Corbella and Pepe Ribes chat to amateurs Guillermo Durán, Antoni Nicolau, Marc Mateu and Jordi Mateu at an open debate also involving the Spanish press. The entire debate, held at Barcelona's Real Club Naútico, is available as seven audio and video clips.

News OCT 3, 2012 11:32

An open discussion held to celebrate the unveiling of the Transquadra regatta in Barcelona, held on September 28th is now entirely available on YouTube. Barcelona World Race skippers Anna Corbella and Pepe Ribes and Transquadra skippers Guillermo DuránAntoni NicolauMarc Mateu and Jordi Mateu chatted to members of the Spanish press at an open debate on the subject of double-handed ocean sailing at the event held at the Real Club Naútico Barcelona (see news). 

The seven clips include the main contributions to the central themes discussed: double-handed sailing, race preparation, living with a co-skipper, the difference between amateurs and professionals and the general panorama in Spanish ocean racing in the context of top-flight international competition. 

Here are the audio and video clips (in Spanish): 

Debate on double-handed ocean racing (1): Introduction (7 min)An introduction to the debate held at the Real Club Naútico Barcelona on the 28th of September 2012. Double-handed ocean racing, discussed from both amateur and professional perspectives with analysis from Barcelona World Race skippers Anna Corbella and Pepe Ribes and Transquadra skippers Guillermo DuránAntoni NicolauMarc Mateu and Jordi Mateu. Representatives of the Spanish media in attendance: Héctor AtienzaMarta CardonaEnric CurtKiku CusíNacho Gómez-ZarzuelaMacarena LainezJosep MargalefTomàs MolinaSuso Pérez, Carlos PichPedro SardinaSanti SerratJaume SoléGermán de Soler and Nicolás de Terry.Moderator: Víctor Lavagnini.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (2): Double-handed ocean racing (14 min)The meaning of two-handed sailing. The formation of amateur crews for the Transquadra and professional crews for the Barcelona World Race. The differences between sailing an IMOCA Open 60 and a series cruiser. The figure of the professional as a mirror for the amateur skipper. Passion and profession. The demands of professional sailing vs amateur. The differences between solo and two-handed sailing. The long road to the starting line of an ocean-going race. Contributions from journalists Kiku Cusí and Nacho Gómez-Zarzuela.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (3): The crew (10 min)Finding the balance in the formation of double-handed crews. Co-skipper characteristics and their selection. On board co-habitation and communication. Motivation and competitiveness. Contributions from journalists Pedro Sardina and Nicolás de Terry.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (4): Physical demands and the reach of this human endeavour (27 min)Physical preparation requirements and the differences between skippers, both amateur and professional. The powerful human story behind ocean racing and its projection in the media. Contributions from Enric CurtSuso PérezJaume Soler and Carlos Pich.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (5): Preparing an ocean regatta (16 min)Difficulties faced by amateur skippers contrasted by those faced by the professionals. Factors influencing the creation of a regatta project: the sponsorship factor and the time factor. Contributions from journalists Tomás Molina and Suso Pérez.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (6): Open debate (15 min)Spain's presence at the key ocean regattas. The role of intermediate regattas for young skippers. The importance of a significant win for Spain in a top-flight competition. Contributions from journalists Héctor AtienzaNicolás de Terry and Jaume Soler.
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Debate on double-handed ocean racing (7): A summary of the most important contributions from the skippers and their replies to questions from journalists. (9 min)
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