Spirit of Hungary made it into the Atlantic at 1539hrs UTC today Monday but it has been very slow for Nandor Fa and Conrad Colman and they were still struggling sailing directly south towards the Moroccan coast in very light breezes 

News JAN 5, 2015 20:24

 The Mediterranean has been unnecessarily cruel to the duo who only came together as a partnership a matter of six weeks before the start. Their pleasure lokos like it might be on ice for a little while though as they are still in light headwinds and pointing towards the Moroccan coast, making about 6kts. They have been a victim of the calms which often persist for days in the Alboran Sea at this time of year. The law of the sea says that on their return it will be blowing old boots from the east. The Straits of Gibraltar are an area where the extremes do tend to prevail winter and spring.
At the top of the table Hugo Boss and Neutrogena have picked up speed since the last sked, Neutrogena hitting 9 knots and Boss making much the same. GAES Centros Auditivos have still gained and are now at just 5.2kts. Don’t underestimate the competitiveness of this duo, especially Marin who was a top Europe dinghy sailor for many years, and is a naturally fast sailor.The Canary Islands still look like they will influence progress over the next 12 hours at least, it is still not clear how they will pass. This morning's routing showed the leaders pass through the middle between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura and Grand Canaria. The mountains on both are significant and they disturb the airflow downwind for many miles as the image shows

Strategy in the Atlantic, down to the Equator is explained simply and comprehensively by race meteorologist Marcel van Triest on the freely available Barcelona World Race Open Campus meteo course which is open to anyone who registers on line.

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