Come and meet the winners!

If everything goes as it should, race leaders Cheminées Poujoulat should finish in Barcelona tomorrow, Wednesday around noon. Swiss-French pair Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam are within a few miles of becoming the winners of the third edition of the Barcelona World Race and will set the reference time for the new route for this two handed round the world race. Come down to Barcelona's Portal de la Pau and enjoy their finish! After 84 days at sea the two skippers will have their foot on land again, welcomed back into the arms of their family and friends... After sailing around the world the welcome back to land is indescribable. Come, share these magical moments!

News MAR 24, 2015 14:12

The finish line is in front of the Hotel W Barcelona. Crossing the line can be seen from land from the beach of Barceloneta, or followed from the sea, staying within safe limits.

Approximately 45 minutes after crossing the line, the winning boat will enter the port of Barcelona and moor at the Portal de la Pau, opposite the statue of Columbus, where the HQ of the Barcelona World Race is as well as the television set. Friends and family will receive Cheminées Poujoulat. Then, immediately there will be the welcome ceremony in front of the dock, open to the public, and during which Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam will have the opportunity to make their first comments on land.

The ETA estimated time of arrival (crossing the finish line) schedule is updated on the website and our social media channels.