Best quotes from Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam during the race

They have remained communicative and frank all the way through their Barcelona World Race, telling us as it is, staying focused and never over-dramatising a situation, just as you would expect from a duo with so much experience. Here are the best of Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam...

News MAR 25, 2015 11:07

Jean Le Cam – 05/12/2014 Salon Nautique de Paris

“As long as we do not develop big egos, there is no reason why it might go wrong. We always learn from others. With Bernard, we talk, we compare... We always improve together”.

Bernard Stamm - 29/12/2014 Official press conference

“We have to remember this is a round the world race, we have a good boat also and we will be able to push normally. I think that one of the particularities of this race is getting out of the Mediterranean and it is not easy. It is very complicated”.

Jean Le Cam - 29/12/2014 Official press conference

“Ça va”.

Bernard Stamm - 30/01/2015 One month at sea

“A lot has gone on. But all in all the boat performs well, it goes well. Now we had some small technical problems that don't exactly make our lives easier even now, but nothing is insurmountable”.

Bernard Stamm - 03/02/2015 Tropical cyclones

“It's the first time I have had to stop a boat racing, but it was the only solution to avoid getting into a survival situation”.

Jean Le Cam - 25/02/2015 Cape Horn

“We've been sailing for a month, more than a month, five weeks, with high conditions of wind and seas, and cold. Now we will turn left, to the North and towards more pleasant temperatures, so in general it is good when you cross it”.

Bernard Stamm - 03/03/2015 Crossing their own track, 5,000 miles to go

“It’s clear we’re feeling tired. We’ve got a few little injuries. Jean’s rib is hurting and he feels the pain with every movement. If you go up the mast, you feel sore all over. It builds up over time and it stays with you until you get close to the finish. I think we have lost some weight, but it’s hard to judge. We think more about the boat than ourselves”.

Jean Le Cam - 10/03/2015 Equator going back North

“I've never done a round the world so quickly, that's for sure already. When you travel from South Africa to Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, it is still large, long distances and then finally, when you're at the Equator and you see Europe there, just above, and you do routings, you realize that a fortnight later, you're there”.

Bernard Stamm - 19/03/2015 Reply to a kid question: “Why are there not more boats racing around the world?”

“I think it is very difficult to get to the start of the race, to put together a boat, a team, a sponsor, all that we need to do a good race. That is one reason why there are not so many people racing around the world, but then maybe not everyone wants to make a round the world race”.

Bernard Stamm - 24/03/2015 Last day at sea

“I don’t think we had a day without one problem or another”.

“There are a lot of things we don’t have on board, so I’m looking forward to them. A glass of red wine would be nice, an orange, an apple, seeing people, the family. Everything you have that we don’t”.