Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam at the start of the Barcelona World Race

Switzerland’s Bernard Stamm and France’s Jean Le Cam have hardly stopped over the past few months, busily putting their new project into place: to take part in the third edition of the Barcelona World Race. Logics and circumstances have brought them together and now these long time rivals join forces forming an incredibly experienced tandem.

News JUL 16, 2014 15:14

Stamm and Le Cam will be on the start line at the next edition of the Barcelona World race at the helm of an IMOCA 60, which will be dressed up in the colours of Cheminées Poujoulat, Stamm’s loyal partner since 2003 who will side with him again on this new adventure.

Together the two sailors will form one of the most experienced teams in the race: “Between us, we have accumulated a huge amount of miles, that’s for sure. Racing together will be an enriching experience – things kind of happened by chance, but it’s great,” said Jean Le Cam.

"Earlier this year, Jean was in the same situation as me, looking for solutions to start his own project. We've both had the same information at the same time and finally things have come together easily. I would say that we have found each other almost automatically. So far, we have never sailed together on the same team, but as rivals. Now we will learn to know each other but I am not worried. He is a very technical person and this somehow matches with me. Jean also is a monument of ocean sailing" said Bernard Stamm.

Between the two they have participated in no less than six Vendee Globe races, nine round-the-world races and some sixty Transats! Suffice to say that the two men are not just here to take part – they’re here to win. Over the next few months they will be doing everything they can to achieve their goal, although they are aware they will have to adapt and move swiftly. “The race is just round the corner. The boat should be back on the water by the end of August and then we have to learn to tame it. We’ll multiply our training sessions, tests, calibrations as much as we can in order to be at the top as quickly as possible,”continues the Swiss sailor who will be fully supported by his loyal team.

“I’ve done everything I can to maintain my team and base in Brest over the past months. It wasn’t easy but today these efforts are paying off and that’s good news,” he stated.  “And I’ll have to step up my physical preparation to be 100% up to speed by September because I still have a few back problems from my accident in December”, said Bernard is expecting to announce further partners very soon.

Bernard Stamm has signed a lease contract with an option to buy Jörg Riecher’s Farr-design boat that was launched in 2007 and aboard which Michel Desjoyeaux won the 2008-09 Vendée Globe. It then came second in the 2010-11 Barcelona World Race with Iker Martinez and Xabi Fernandez, and was back at the 2012-13 Vendée Globe with Jérémie Beyou“Everything kind of fell apart with when I lost my boat, especially since no other IMOCA 60 seemed to be available, which is why I tried working on other projects. Then I found out through the class that an IMOCA boat was on the market, so I went for it.”

“It has been regularly re-fitted to follow the IMOCA rule and all work carried out has been done well. It’s still quite a step down for me, since my team and I had developed our previous boat to a really high level,”explains Stamm, who will be sailing his new boat from Lorient to Brest this week. “We will work on the 60-foot boat at our home-base, completing the work that the old owner began then adapting it to our way of working. And of course we’ll dress it up with our sponsors colours,” he added.

“Cheminées Poujoulat has been active in sailing with Bernard Stamm for aver 10 years. Participating in a round-the-world with such an experienced and competitive team is a great opportunity for our brand,”declared Frédéric Coirier, CEO of the Poujoulat Group.

"We are very pleased with the announcement of this new team and having these two great stars of ocean sailing. The level of competition is going to be high. I am pleased to see Jean Le Cam on the start line once again and I welcome Bernard Stamm, who eventually had to participate in our race!”said Andor Serra, CEO of the Barcelona World Race.