Barcelona World Race’s financial model sets a benchmark

The financial impact of the Barcelona World Race for sponsors and the city of Barcelona was outlined in a talk by Xosé-Carlos Fernández, the CEO of the FNOB on September 20th at the Tip & Shaft / Connectconference held in Paris. The new format of the double-handed round the world challenge has added strength to a model which has already set a global benchmark.

News SEP 28, 2017 12:55

Over 90 competitors from the world of transoceanic sailing, including skippers, technicians, sponsors, regatta press teams and organisers, gathered last week at an event organised by the specialist ocean sailing magazine Tip & Shaft. The main aim of the day was to discuss the structure, standing and impact of double-handed (two crew) transoceanic regattas and to come up with some conclusions by encouraging the leading actors in these challenges to network and exchange experiences.

The Barcelona World Race’s model has already set a benchmark for its uniqueness; as a regatta, the only round the world regatta which is intrinsically linked to a city, with a three-edition history which has provided a generous return to sponsors and enriched the heritage of the city of Barcelona. Xosé-Carlos Fernández, one of the 11 speakers, outlined the model and also the objectives for the fourth edition of the regatta, which will start on the 12th January 2019 with a brand new two-leg format (Barcelona-Sydney-Barcelona). The change will increase the efficiency of the regatta model in attracting greater interest from skippers and sponsors.

The FNOB’s special invitation to attend the conference provided a great opportunity for a number of skippers to state their intention of being on the starting line of the Barcelona World Race 2018/19, such as Kito de Pavant and Sébastien Destremau whose projects are already underway.