Appoinment with Cape Horn this evening

By comparison with Cape Horn's reputation for storms and big seas, Cheminées Poujoulat's Bernard Stamm and Jean Le Cam, leaders of the Barecelona World Race look set to be granted a relatively straightforward passage later today. This morning the duo have been making 15-16kts of boat speed towards Cape Horn which is still 256 miles away for them at 0500hrs UTC. They are sailing in 20-25kts of SW'ly wind which is going to veer W, presenting them with great conditions to go north, subsequently routing though the Le Maire Strait - the 18 miles wide stretch which separates Staten Island (Isla de los Estados) from the E extremity of the Argentine bit of Tierra del Fuego. They will also go west of the Falkland Islands. Their ETA at  Cape Horn is around 21hrs UTC this evening

News FEB 24, 2015 07:07

Neutrogena, in second place, have averaged one knot quicker than GAES Centros Auditivos over the last 24 hours and the pair of IMOCA 60s are still around 50 miles apart. Guillermo Altadill and José Munoz made about 25 miles more than Anna Corbella and Gerard Marin over the last 24 hours and the Neutrogena pairing should be able to extend a bit more as they seem set to have a few knots more wind pressure.  They are still due to route further to the north on the approach to Cape Horn than Cheminées Poujoulat, sailing a few more miles. And so - even if it seems academic ight now - Stamm and Le Cam will add another half a day to their delta over the next few days. The two close IMOCA 60s are riding a low in NW'ly 30-35kts winds which will drop to 20 for GAES and 25 for Neutrogena.
For fourth placed We Are Water and fifth placed One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton the light to moderate breeze continue, they are sailing in 15-20kts of SWly winds with 227 miles between the two.
Renault Captur have averaged just less than 14 kts since leaving Wellington yesterday morning and are on the NW side of the high pressure that We Are Water and One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton are with too. They have 15-20kts of breeze and are going well as they progress east they more or less pass the centre of a small low which will give them a brief upwind period, but the good news is they can continue to close miles on One Planet, One Ocean & Pharmaton, current routings suggest they can half the deficit by Cape Horn.
And Spirit of Hungary are in SW'ly winds as they approach Bluff where they are expected to start their pit-stop at around 2000hrs UTC this evening.